If you need sandwich boards to promote an event, you must fill out this form.

Please pick up boards in the Student Life Office - Tykeson Hall 110.

Rules for Sandwich Board Use

Sandwich Boards may only be set up with the following considerations:

  • No building/room entrances or exits are blocked at any time
  • Sandwich boards can only be placed in hallways and sidewalks in a manner that does not impede walking traffic in two directions and allows for at least six-feet of travel around the sign
    • In most cases, signs need to be put directly adjacent to the space the event is occurring (e.g. specific classroom)
  • Sandwich boards may not be placed in vestibules or foyers due to interference with ADA building access technologies and door swing
    • (e.g. area between west entrance to dining hall and the double doors leading into the dining hall)
  • Signage must be removed immediately at the conclusion of the event, and Sandwich boards returned to Student Life Office - Tykeson Hall 110. Signs may not be left in any location overnight.
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Please provide billing index code. Use of sandwich boards is free however failure to return sandwich boards by noon the next day will result in a $5.00 fee. By clicking the submit button you are agreeing to distribute sandwich boards and return them by 12:00 p.m. the following day after your check-in date.