The FORCE Lab team is multi-disciplinary team of researchers and collaborators.

Lab Director

Christine Pollard
Associate Professor, Kinesiology, Oregon State University - Cascades
PhD Exercise Science (Biomechanics), MS Physical Therapy

Lab Technician  

Justin Ter Har, KIN undergraduate, Pre-PhD KIN student

Research Assistants  

Ryan Ford, KIN undergraduate student, Pre-PT

Jennifer Ryning, KIN undergraduate student

Brett Olson, KIN undergraduate student

Affiliated Clinical Researchers   

Timothy S. Bollom, MD
Chuck Brockman, PT, MPT
Knute C. Buehler, MD
Scott R. Jacobson, MD
James Nelson, MD
Blake Nonweiler, MD
Larry Paulson, MD
Viviane Ugalde, MD

Affiliated Researchers    

Mark Hoffman, PhD, ATC, Oregon State University
Sam Johnson, PhD, ATC, Oregon State University
Marc Norcross, PhD, ATC, Oregon State University
Kara Witzke, PhD, Exercise Physiology, Oregon State University - Cascades