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Register Your Car

Our technology-based parking management system uses your license plate as your permit, reducing the need for stickers or hangtags.

Students, staff and faculty can register their vehicles at osucascades.edu/registermycarStarting Wednesday, January 11, 2017 you may pre-fund your online parking account. Earn four free days of parking if you follow these steps by January 20:

Step 1: Register your vehicle at https://osuparking.lprpermit.com
Step 2: Under “permit details” page, choose the “pay-as-you-go” option to prefund your parking account.
Step 3: Select the amount to deposit into your account and enter credit/debit card details.
Step 4: Each day your vehicle is on campus, parking fees of $0.50 per hour (maximum $2/day) will be deducted from your account balance upon exiting the parking lot.

If you do not prefund a parking account, you can pay a $3 daily fee at the kiosk located on the on-campus lot between Tykeson Hall and the Dining Hall.

Guest Parking

Short-term guests may park for free in the designated spaces for the first 20 minutes. For longer stays, guests must purchase a $3 daily parking permit at the kiosk.

Invited guests will recieve a guest permit; please provide your vehicle information to your university contact in advance of your visit.

Resident Students with Vehicles

OSU-Cascades' sustainability, and health and wellness goals support active transportation for all members of the campus community. Students who live on-campus and choose to bring a personal vehicle must follow OSU-Cascades parking policies and:

  • Register vehicles at osuparking.lprpermit.com
  • Park vehicles in off-campus lot at Columbia/ Simpson
  • As needed, use designated on-campus visitor spaces for loading/unloading into residential hall (up to 20 minutes)

Parking on-campus is permitted by residential students on weekends and university recognized holidays, from Friday at 5 p.m. through Sunday at midnight, providing:

  • Vehicle is registered
  • Vehicles is parked at Columbia/Simpson lot on weekdays. If a residential student parks on a public street instead of the off-site lot, on-campus parking privileges could be revoked.

Travel between the off-site lot and campus is available via Zagster bikeshare; CET Routes 10, 11 and 12; or Safe Ride.

Some circumstances may warrant exceptions to this policy for residential students, such as off-campus jobs or internships. To request an exception, contact parking@osucascades.edu.

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