Parking Questions?

Stop by the Dining Hall Information Desk or email

On-Campus Parking Lot - Paid Parking in Effect

Fees apply Monday-Thursday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Free parking on-campus Fridays. This lot is intended to provide short-term parking for students, employees and visitors.

Students and Employees: Two Ways to Pay

Option #1: Pay Online with Your Pre-Funded Account

Register your car online AND pre-fund your parking account. You MUST pre-fund your account to pay online. Each time you park, the amount due is automatically deducted when you depart based on your stay. ($.50/hour; Max. $2/day)

Option #2: Pay at Kiosk

Register your car online and pay at kiosk in front of Tykeson Hall when you arrive. ($1/hour up to $3 maximum per day).

Visitor Parking at the On-Campus Lot

Short-term guests have two options, depending on duration of stay:

  1. designated 20-minute visitor spaces
  2. pay at kiosk in front of Tykeson Hall when you arrive ($1/hour up to $3 maximum per day)

Columbia/Simpson Off-Site Parking

Free daily parking is available at an off-site parking lot located in the NE corner of the Columbia Street/Simpson Avenue intersection. Please access the lot at 1000 SW Bradbury Way and use the portion of the lot that is designated for OSU-Cascades. Vehicle registration is required for overnight parking.

Graduate & Research Center (GRC) Parking

Employees must register vehicles and purchase a $30 term permit if you plan to park at least 3 days per week. Free parking at the Columbia/Simpson lot is available for all employees working at the GRC. Students and guests are provided free parking for spring term 2017; vehicle registration is required.

Connecting the Campus by Bus or Safe Rides

Transit services, bike share, and designated safe walking routes between campus facilities are provided.

NEW! Ride the OSU-Cascades Shuttle that loops between main campus, GRC, and free parking at the Columbia/Simpson lot.

Cascades East Transit (CET), as an extension of their regular Bend routes, will provide transit service between the 10-acre campus and the off-site lot every 30 minutes via Routes 10, 11, and 12. Check CET’s website for the latest routing and schedules. Bend bus routes are free with your OSU-Cascades ID and a current sticker available in the residential hall mail room.  

Students and employees that would like to request or schedule a safe ride during campus safety hours of operation may contact OSU-Cascades Department of Public Safety at 541-322-3110.