Citations & Appeals

OSU-Cascades parking system is managed by License Plate Recognition (LPR) technology. Cameras on entry and exit of the lot are used in conjunction with mobile LPR devices to enforce violations.


Fines may be reduced if paid within 10 days.

Fine Rates

Registered Parkers

All parking citations and appeals can be processed online through your account at: Select "My Citations" menu along the top of the page to review citation history and pay or appeal.

Visitors and Guests

If you received a parking citation while at OSU-Cascades, send payment by check to the address listed on the citation. To appeal a citation, send the following via email to

  • Name
  • Date of citation
  • Citation number
  • Vehicle license plate number
  • Vehicle make and model
  • Explanation of why the appeal should be considered
  • Any supporting documentation. 

To make an appeal, send an email to by 5:30 p.m. on the 10th business day after issuance. Provide specific evidence that would show that the citation was not valid and/or issued in error. The review committee may accept statements into consideration, however statements admitting the offense may not be considered as evidence needed to overturn the citation. Each citation has pictures attached that are taken at the time the citation is issued. These pictures are entered as evidence to support the officer’s actions while enforcing the regulations. Overtime violations contain GPS time stamps, as well as pictures of the vehicle as the officers supporting evidence.


Fine Rates

Offense Fines
Paid Within 10 days* Paid after 10 days
Unregistered Vehicle $11 $22
Invalid Permit (Wrong Lot or Insufficient Funds) $11 $22
Parked overtime, posted timed areas, loading zones $30 $40
No permit/plate visible $30 $40
Parked in the wrong area/parked in "No Parking" area $30 $40
Other: Parked in more than one space, angle-in parallel $30 $40
Parked on lawns, sidewalks or crosswalks $40 $50
Parked in drive lane, bike lanes, blocked parking space $40 $50
Parked wrong way/against traffic flow (safety issue) $40 $50
Parked in restricted area $40 $50
Parked in posted fire lane $50 $60
Parked in reserved space-unauthorized use $75 $85
Circumventing regulations $75 $85
Immobilization (boot) fee $200 $200
Blocking access to ADA space $90 $100
Unauthorized living in vehicle $100 $100
Use of counterfeit/altered/lost/stolen permits $300 $300
Parked in ADA space including access/ramp $400 $400
Towing (at owner's expense) varies from $100 to $500

To receive the discounted parking fine, payment must be made in person at the Dining Info Desk, Monday-Friday, between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m.