Cascades Commuters

Cascades Commuters are saving money, and working together to reduce our environmental footprint, reduce congestion on City streets, and improve our health by using active forms of transportation. 

Earn Rewards

We reward students, staff, and faculty who walk, bike, carpool, skate, vanpool, or take the bus to campus because it reduces traffic congestion and helps OSU-Cascades achieve our sustainability and health/wellness goals.

To earn rewards, please complete these two steps:

  1. Register for Cascade Commuters via (with your .edu email address).
  2. Log your COMMUTE trips at or download the Trip Logger app from the App Store or Google Play. Only your commute trips to/from campus qualify for rewards.

appstore  Googleplay

Rewards will be earned when you complete a specified number of round-trip commutes, as shown in the chart below. Each time you reach a cumulative total of 5, 15, or 35 days you will earn a reward. When you've earned a Gold Reward, start over. All gift cards accepted will be subject to income tax. 

reward tiers

Rewards are being added to each tier as we establish partnerships with local retailers and community partners.

Bronze Rewards include:

  • 2-hour Zipcar Rental
  • OSU-Cascades T-Shirt (limited sizes available)
  • $7.50 Emerald City Smoothie Gift Card
  • Free Regular Sub Sandwich at Jersey Mike's

Silver Rewards Include:

  • 4-hour Zipcar Rental
  • $10 Gift Card to Pacific Pizza & Brew
  • OSU-Cascades Beanie
  • $10 Gift Card to Chicken Bonz

Gold Rewards Include:

  • 8-hour Zipcar Rental
  • Bern Bike Helmet (limited sizes available)
  • OSU-Cascades Hoodie Sweatshirt (orange or black)
  • $20 Gift Card to Pacific Pizza & Brew
  • $20 Gift Card to Chicken Bonz
  • 3 Free Regular Sub Sandwiches at Jersey Mike's