Computer Science: Applied Option, Web and Mobile Software Development

Apply NowSend Me InfoOSU-Cascades offers a bachelor of science in computer science with an option in web and mobile software development. Some of the most exciting and promising areas of computer science lie in the ability to extract insight out of extremely large sets of data and deliver those insights to businesses and consumers in real time over web and mobile applications.

With the applied computer science option, web and mobile software development, you will develop the multi-disciplinary skillset required to solve these and many other problems as you take courses in algorithm development, machine learning and data analysis, database design, web and mobile application development, UX design, and entrepreneurship. This program will provide you with a solid foundation in computer science and prepare you to join one of the fastest moving and exciting areas of technology.

Careers in Computer Science

Software is changing every business and industry by allowing complex problems to be solved quickly and is the glue that binds every system, automobile, airplane, computer, website or mobile application. Because of this, computer scientists are one of the most sought-after graduates today and serve a wide variety of roles in almost every business. Our computer science graduates will have in depth training in all aspects of computer science and will be prepared to pursue their careers in a wide variety of areas.

In Demand

The global demand for software engineers continues to accelerate at a rapid pace as web and mobile applications for consumer and enterprise applications evolve and grow in complexity. OSU-Cascades' computer science degree will help companies place talented graduates and grow the technology base throughout the region.

Program Degree Requirements

OSU-Cascades computer science major with applied option web and mobile software development in Bend is a program of Oregon State University's School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science within the College of Engineering.

The computer science program with applied option web and mobile software development was designed in Bend with input from leading software developers in Oregon and Silicon Valley. OSU computer science students in Corvallis can transfer to OSU-Cascades and complete the upper level CS courses in Bend.

The College of Engineering is a pre-professional/professional college.  What this means is that a student will begin as a pre-engineering student to build strong foundations in math, physics, chemistry and engineering principals before they progress in the professional programs.  Students must apply to the Computer Science program and be accepted before they can take upper division engineering coursework. Find more information about applying to Pro-School at the College of Engineering Professional School website.

Multiple Engineering Cooperative Program (MECOP)

OSU-Cascades is working with the Multiple Engineering Cooperative Program (MECOP) so that students of CS program can access the competitive internship program.


The program also offers a minor in computer science.

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