Important! New OSU-Cascades students are considered for University Scholarships through their application for admission. Complete the scholarship application WITHIN the online admission application. Learn about University Scholarships for new students here.

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Financial Aid

Financial aid, including loans, grants and part-time employment, may be available to help you finance your undergraduate or master's degree. Scholarships from a variety of outside sources may also be available as an element of financial aid.

OSU-Cascades offers 16 undergraduate majors and over 30 program options, plus graduate programs. Beginning fall 2015 students admitted to OSU-Cascades can take lower division classes from OSU-Cascades or Central Oregon Community College. Upper division courses and bachelor completion are offered by OSU-Cascades.

The institution from which you are seeking your degree, referred to as the "home institution", awards financial aid. To receive financial aid, you must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and be admitted to OSU-Cascades. Although you may be attending classes taught by more than one institution, you can receive financial aid only from your home institution. For financial aid purposes, only credits earned through OSU or OSU-Cascades and COCC will be combined and counted towards your financial aid enrollment and disbursement.

Types of Financial Aid

Financial aid packages generally include one or more types of aid, including scholarships, grants, student employment and loans. Aid is granted based on eligibility for the aid programs, and meeting application filing deadlines. Scholarships are included in combination with any federal and state aid.


Scholarships are private or institutional funds available to students with no requirement of repayment. Usually a separate application is required. OSU-Cascades offers six categories of dedicated scholarships for OSU-Cascades degree-seeking students.


Grants are based on financial need and do not need to be repaid. Available grants include Federal Pell Grant,  Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (SEOG), Supplemental Tuition Waiver, and State of Oregon Opportunity Grant.

Student Employment

Part-time student employment opportunities on and off campus may be available to help students earn money toward educational expenses. Federal Work-Study is a need-based employment program offered to financial aid applicants with priority application status. Work-study availability generally depends on positions available from a student's home institution.


Loans are borrowed money that must be repaid with interest. Educational loans generally carry a low interest rate and offer a grace period before repayment begins. Potential loans include the William D. Ford Direct Loan Program, or the Federal Stafford Loan Program. The Ford and Stafford programs include subsidized and unsubsidized loans, and PLUS loans which are available to graduate students or parents of dependent students.

Getting Started

The first step on the road to acquiring financial aid is completing and submitting the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, commonly referred to as the FAFSA. Applications are available online at

While completing the FAFSA, you will be asked which institutions you would like your application released to. You must include those Federal School Codes on your application. Institutions collaborating with OSU-Cascades are:

  • Oregon State University - 003210
  • Central Oregon Community College - 003188

Important Deadlines

You can apply for federal financial aid at any time during the school year, but you and your family can get the best package of federal, state and campus funding if your application meets your home institution's early applicant priority deadline (generally February 1). Applicants meeting this deadline are given the highest consideration for campus-based funding. Some scholarships may have earlier or later deadlines.

Be sure to complete and submit your admissions application to OSU-Cascades. Your financial aid application will not be reviewed until an admissions application has been submitted.

If you have met your home institution's financial aid priority deadline, provided requested additional information, and have been admitted, you can expect to hear what financial aid you qualify for as early as April 1.

Financial Aid Forms

Click here for a list of downloadable financial aid forms



Important! New OSU-Cascades students are considered for University Scholarships through their application for admission. Complete the scholarship application WITHIN the online admission application. Learn about University Scholarships for new students here.

OSU-Cascades scholarships are funded from a dedicated $3.5 million endowment from Oregon State University. Community scholarships from private donors are also offered to support OSU-Cascades students in Central Oregon. Students applying for OSU-Cascades scholarships must complete the scholarship application available online, 2016-2017 Scholarship information and application links.


Students enrolled in OSU-Cascades degree programs can apply for scholarships in the following areas with one application if they meet the following criteria.
Scholarship Deadline Award Amount Criteria
OSU-Cascades Scholarships  2016-2017 2/15/2016   Admitted to OSU-Cascades; most require full-time enrollment. 2016-2017 Scholarship information and application links.
Cascades Diversity 2/15/2016 $900-$3000

Junior standing, contribute to diverse campus community, financial need.

Cascades Partner 2/15/2016 $900-$3000 Junior standing, contribution to Central Oregon community, financial need.
Cascades Scholar 2/15/2016 $900-$3000 Junior standing, cumulative GPA 3.50 or higher.
Cascades Honor 2/15/2016 $3000 Offered to COCC honor scholarship recipients, with Junior standing, cumulative GPA of 3.50 or higher. Eligible students will be contacted.
Cascades Mini-Grant 2/15/2016 $300-$1500 Freshman to Senior standing, 2.50 GPA or higher.
Cascades Community 2/15/2016 $300-4500 Varying eligibility requirements.
Cascades Leading Edge 2/1/2016  $300-$1500 First year student, committed to OSU-Cascades, GPA, Insight Resume, potential contribution to our campus. Complete scholarship application within online admission application.
Other Scholarship Applications     Information available in Cascades Hall, Room 223
OSAC Scholarships 3/1/2016 Varies Online application, varying eligibility requirements.
Chapter FL, Oregon P.E.O. Scholarship 4/4/2016 Varies Application, transcripts, letter of reference, essay, income and expense statement. See application for more details.
Charles Beckley OHA Scholarship 4/25/2015 $250-$1000 Application, transcripts, lettter of reference, essay required. See scholarship information for more details.
Chavez-Huerta Scholarship 4/27/2015 Varies Application, first generation from east of the Cascades counties, attended community college east of the Cascades, bilingual, contribute to a diverse campus community, financial need

OSU Scholarships
(OSU students only)

OSU Scholarship Information   Varies Visit OSU Scholarships for more information.
International Programs Scholarships   Varies Visit International Programs Scholarships page for more information.

Online Scholarship Searches

  In researching sources of college funding, students are encouraged to seek out sources that provide free services and information, such as those listed below.OSU does not endorse any for-profit scholarship search service. Some helpful websites are listed below.   Peterson's and the National Association of Financial Aid Administrators collaborated to provide a comprehensive Web site for credible information on financing a college education.   The largest free scholarship search service on the Internet with a searchable database of more than 275,000 private sector scholarships, fellowships, grants and loans. Students are provided an updated list of "matched" scholarships as new funding sources become available.  

A reliable source for a free and comprehensive guide to student financial aid, providing valuable information on scholarship search services and searchable databases. The page provides links to some of the largest free scholarship search services on the internet.

Work-Study at OSU-Cascades

If you were awarded work-study as part of your OSU financial aid award and are interested in applying for a position, please read the OSU Work-Study instructions. Job postings on the OSU-Cascades campus will not be visible until after September 6. If you need additional information, contact the Office of Enrollment Services at 541-322-3100.

More Information?  

Office of Enrollment Services

OSU Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships

Office of Student Access and Completion

(administers privately funded scholarships for Oregon residents)

U.S. Department of Education

(information on financial aid available from U.S. government)