Transcripts: Freshman Admission

Contact your high school counseling office and have official transcripts sent directly to Enrollment Services at Oregon State University - Cascades.  If you received any college credit, AP, IB or CLEP, you must contact the college(s) directly and request that official transcripts be sent directly to Enrollment Services at OSU-Cascades. Do this as soon as you apply to ensure you are ready to register once you are admitted.

Transcripts: Transfer Admission

Contact the Registrar's Office at each college or university you have attended and have official transcripts sent directly to Enrollment Services at OSU-Cascades.

If COCC has official transcripts from your previous colleges, you can request that COCC send copies to OSU-Cascades. The request form is available in the COCC Enrollment Services office in Boyle Education Center or at OSU-Cascades Enrollment Services in Tykeson Hall. COCC does not charge to send transcripts to OSU-Cascades for admissions or advising. Request your transcript from COCC at no charge through COCC Enrollment Services in Boyle Education Center. 

If you graduated from high school in 1997 or later and took two years of high school foreign language, contact your high school and request a transcript to be sent directly to Enrollment Services at OSU-Cascades.

Transcripts Between OSU-Cascades and COCC

If you take a class from COCC, a transcript must be sent from COCC the class to OSU-Cascades at the end of the term.

COCC sends transcripts for all OSU-Cascades students to OSU-Cascades Enrollment Services at the end of each term. This process is automatic and there is no charge to the students. If you receive an AAOT or grade change at a later date you will be responsible for requesting COCC to send OSU-Cascades an updated transcript. You should go to Boyle Education Center to request the transcript to avoid a fee.

OSU Official transcripts

OSU transcripts must be requested through the OSU Student Online Services, MyOSU. There is no charge for a mailed transcript. Electronic transcripts cost a fee.
Official transcripts contain a summary of transfer credit and detailed course information for OSU credits. Official transcripts mailed to the student are enclosed in a sealed envelope. The transcripts retain their official status as long as the inner envelope is not opened. Transcripts cannot be faxed.

To find out how to obtain official transcripts, please see OSU Office of the Registrar Transcripts.