Welcome to the OSU-Cascades Business Office!

Human Resources

David Barnes, Human Resources Manager, 2-2093

  • Strategic Human Resources management
  • Talent acquisition and management
  • Employee contracts and compensation
  • Employee records and reporting
  • Employee & Labor Relations administration

Susan Jett, Human Resources Consultant, 2-3106

  • Recruitment and onboarding
  • Employee contracts and compensation
  • Employee records and reporting

Finance & Accounting

Kira Lueck, Business Office Manager, 2-3169

  • Business Office management
  • Grant pre and post award budgeting and accounting
  • Student fees budgeting, forecasting and reporting
  • Internal/external fees and course fees
  • TRF (newly named Learning Innovation Grants) award process
  • Auxiliary budgeting, forecasting and reporting (non-academic units)
  • Accounting department website and communications
  • Policy handbook
  • Payroll oversight

Angela Sanford, Accountant I, 2-2087

  • Transactions including invoices, travel reimbursements, personal reimbursements, etc.
  • Purchasing card
  • Purchase orders
  • Records retention
  • Airfare authorizations
  • Personal services contracts and purchase orders
  • Payroll

Dinah Green, Faculty Support Specialist, 2-2065

  • Faculty Support
  • Student employement postings and new hire paperwork
  • Transactions including invoices, travel reimbursements, personal reimbursements, etc.

Andrea Hykes, Office Specialist, 2-3172

  • GRC Reception and Office Support
  • Transactions including invoices, travel reimbursements, personal reimbursements, etc.

Terri Libert, Fiscal Coordinator II, 2-3149

  • Enrollment and internal reporting
  • General fund budgeting, forecasting and reporting (academic and academic support units)
  • Professional development, in-state travel, and faculty funds tracking
  • Capital planning
  • OSU Foundation accounting and reporting

Who should I contact?

Send accounting questions and transaction requests to accounting@osucascades.edu.

Important notices

  • Our fiscal year runs July 1 to June 30. There are deadlines to meet as fiscal year-end approaches and email notifications will be sent out as those deadlines approach.
  • All reimbursements, including travel, are due to the Business Office within 60 days of oldest receipt, or within 60 days of date of return.
  • Sign up for direct deposit for personal reimbursements/travel reimbursements in Online Services (under Employee information, Pay information, Direct Deposit).
  • Refreshments/meals at unit functions should meet the following policy.
  • Please note the following items are not reimbursable: gift cards, candy, chocolate, flowers, alcohol, and gifts (not including marketing/branding items). If you need to purchase gift cards for incentives, please contact the Business Office. There are special restrictions.
  • Any extra textbooks you purchase from the COCC Bookstore for reserve or for a desk copy will come out of your professional development funds. You should be able to get a copy or two from the publisher for free.
  • Please do not wait until the end of June to spend professional development or Learning Innovation Grant monies, or use the campus credit card to make purchases. Plan ahead as transactions may not post in time for year end. Contact the Business Office for assistance.
  • Please do not sign contracts/agreements for OSU - only our Contracts office can sign on behalf of the university, otherwise you are responsible for the terms and conditions in the contract. Please send your contracts to the Business Office for proper processing.
  • For purchases over $4,999, please contact the Business Office.