Connect to Talent.

The Career Development Center is here to help employers recruit OSU-Cascades students and alumni. 

Employer Partnerships

The partnership G5 has with OSU-Cascades is essential for recruiting measures. G5 regularly takes part in Career Fairs, posts job openings to Beaver Careers, and hires interns. 

Last summer G5 brought on 13 interns, almost all of which were OSU-Cascades/Corvallis students. The conversion ratio of interns to full-time employees is about 75%. As a tech company, we are specifically interested in OSU alumni and students because of their great computer science program. Additionally, we know more than likely, an OSU-Cascades student will be a good "culture fit" being a Bendite (work/life balance). We pride ourselves on hiring as much talent as possible within our local community.

- Dani Edgel, People Advocate, G5

Hello Employers,

Over the past several months I've met many employers excited to connect with OSU-Cascades students for internships and job opportunities. As our campus and student body expands, I am committed to finding ways to improve the way we collaborate with you. Whether it be through hosting your organization at a tabling event or Friday Career Crawl or marketing your positions to our students, I am excited to work with you. One of the most energizing aspects of my job is hearing success stories from students about the ways employers provided them a real world context for their learning. Thanks for being such great partners in developing our students.

Kelly Scheuerman

Internship and Employment Coordinator