The purpose of the internship program is to strengthen the professional skills and expertise of HDFS students.  Through internships, students earn college credit while participating in meaningful tasks and learning related to their major and overall career goals. HDFS is affiliated with a wide variety of agencies and organizations that have agreed to mentor and support interns on site while gradually assuming responsiblitiy under close supervision. Interns correspond regualry with the HDFS internship instructor, reflecting on their experiences and responding to questions posed by the instructor.  Interns also partipcate in an every other week seminar to learn important human services skills and support one another.
Types of HDFS Internship Courses
HDFS 107  Internship Orientation/Human Services (1 credit) offered fall and winter terms
HDFS 209  Introductory Internship/Human Services (4 credits/ 90 hours) offered fall and spring terms
HDFS 410  Advanced Internship/Human Services, HS option,  (12 credits/300 hours) offered fall and spring terms
HDFS 410 Advanced Internship/Child Development, CD option (10 credits/270 hours) offered fall term
If you are a student considering, or in the process of taking the internship track, please review the following pages.
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