Earn a human development and family sciences degree at OSU-Cascades

HDFS degree now also offered through night classes.

The department of human development and family sciences (HDFS) examines human development within the context of families, schools, work, communities and other social-cultural environments. Recognizing the diversity and challenges of contemporary life, our faculty and students study how environments can enhance - or limit - individual and family development from early childhood through the end of life.

All HDFS programs recognize the critical importance of culture and gender; diversity; and contemporary, global perspectives in the discovery of knowledge and preparation of professionals. Thus, department activities are guided by social responsibility, compassion, and high ethical standards. The HDFS program is laid out to meet student's varied paths, depending on which program is chosen the emphasis can be a minor, option or certificate.

Mission Statement

The mission of the department of human development and family sciences is to advance and transmit knowledge that improves the well-being of individuals and families across the lifespan.


The human development and family sciences program offers three options: Child Development, General, and Human Services.

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