OSU-Cascades Student Fee Committee (SFC) is a group of student leaders responsible for the allocation of student incidental fees. Students build budgeting and civic skills, while getting to know this campus and serving their fellow students. Serving on this committee is a fundamental opportunity to shape what services, programs and activities are available for the students on this campus and will create the future legacy of OSU-Cascades. Clubs and student organizations will want to get to know SFC members well, to facilitate a good working relationship when asking for budgetary support. The Assistant Director of Student Life serves as an advisor to the SFC, and as a liaison between the students and university administration. All students are welcome join us for our weekly meetings every Wednesday from 12 - 1:30 p.m. in Tykeson Hall 108.

SFC Survey

The Student Fee Committee would like to gather student feedback regarding how Student Fee funds are spent. Please take a minute to complete the survey below. 

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Positions Available for 2017-2018 Year

  • Secretary
  • Vice Chair

How To Apply

  1. Apply online at jobs.oregonstate.edu.
  2. Download and complete the SFC application.

Student Fees Budget 2017-2018 

The following table shows the allocated funds for the 2017-2018 student fees. 

Student Fees
Allocated Amount
Student Fee Committee  $7,700.00
Student Life $33,500.00
General Events $2,250.00 
Oregon Student Association (OSA) Membership $7,000.00
Club Matching Fund $10,000.00
Student Media $2,200.00
Club Startup Fund $2,500.00
Tutoring $17,000.00
Fitness Center $20,000.00
Cascades Adventures $18,182.00
Gear Rental  $12,253.00
Health & Wellness $9,840.00
Veterans Resources $1,000.00
Proctoring Exams $2,500.00
CET Bus Passes  $30,000.00
Professional Development Funds $15,000.00
Gear Store $8,000.00
Professional Staff Salaries $156,265.00
Overall Total $335,190.00
Student Organizations Allocated Amount
Americain Association of University Women (AAUW) $1,000.00
Accounting Club $1,000.00
Associated Students of Cascades Campus (ASCC) $68,000.00
Biosciences Club $1,000.00
Cascades AEE Club $4,675.00
Community Research Club $2,000.00
Equal Rights Alliance (ERA) $2,250.00
Venture Club $1,000.00
Kinesiology Club $1,000.00
Cascades Tech Club $1,000.00
Natural Science Club $2,900.00
Pre-Health Club


Psychology Club $1,300.00
Beaver Strong Club $1,000.00
Totals $89,125.00
Club Sports Allocated Amount
Winter Sports Club $14,000.00
Cycling Club $3,000.00
Total  $17,000.00
Student Fees Overall Allocated Amount
Total Allocated funds $461,315.00

Campus Expansion

Per an MOU with the University, The Student Fee Committee has also agreed to set aside additional student fee funds for the next 10 years to support the building of two new "student centered buildings" as the OSU-Cascades campus continues to expand. These two building will be built with the next two phases of construction. The first being a "campus center" style building to serve as place for students to gather and get resources all in one location, and the second a Health & Wellness center serving as a combination of gym as well as a location for students to access health services. 

As these two buildings are designed, the Student Fee Committee will be reaching out to collect student input. 

Learn more about the Campus Expansion


Contact ascc.vp@osucascades.edu with additional questions.