OSU-Cascades has a small fleet of university-owned vehicles and Zipcars available to faculty, staff, and students

When considering whether to use a Zipcar or a fleet vehicle, please consider:

  • Zipcars can only be reserved by the driver; therefore, each driver must have their own Zipcar account.

  • To join and drive a Zipcar within minutes, create your personal account using the Zipcar mobile app.

  • All drivers of fleet vehicles must complete the vehicle waiver; van drivers must complete the additional safety training. Please complete the waiver 48 hours in advance of the trip.

  • Students cannot reserve a fleet vehicle without a faculty or staff member sponsor.

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Who can reserve a Zipcar? Everyone! Students, staff, faculty, and members of the public can reserve Zipcars by the hour or day.


Zipcars can be reserved for personal or business trips by faculty and staff. 

If your primary purpose for driving a Zipcar is business-related trips, please following these steps to create your Zipcar business account:

  1. Please consider your primary purpose for signing up for Zipcar membership. If your primary purpose is for business trips, please send an email to one Academic Dean (Julie, Ron, or Kara) describing the purpose and need for a business account.
  2. Go to zipcar.com/osucbusiness to sign up and create your business account. 
  3. If you need access to a vehicle within 48 hours, please call 541-322-2036 to get a Zipcard personally delivered. Otherwise, Zipcar will mail you a card via snail mail.
  4. Once your Academic Dean confirms membership via email to casey.bergh@osucascades.edu, your account will be activated.
  5. For each trip made for business purposes, please enter an index code when making the reservation. This charge will go toward in-state travel budgets.

To sign up for a discounted membership for personal trips, go to: zipcar.com/osucstaff


Zipcar provides the freedom to be you and the wheels to get you there. Student can sign up for discounted annual membership for $15/year at zipcar.com/osucascades. If you sign up using the mobile app, you can use your smart phone to reserve and unlock/lock the Zipcars.


Please go to zipcar.com/osucascades to sign up for a community member account.


OSU-Cascades Fleet Vehicles

Employees can reserve the OSU-Cascades van, Prius or pick-up truck for university-sponsored purposes. The reservation must be made by an employee of OSU-Cascades. Please complete the following the steps.

1. Complete the Oregon State University Driver's Authorization form. Submit completed form to transportation@osucascades.edu.

2. Drivers reserving our 12 passenger van are required to watch the van safety video and pass the van safety test in addition to being an authorized driver. The van safety video is approximately 37 minutes in length so please allow for at least 45 minutes to watch the video and take the test. Find the video and test here.

3. Contact Amelia Roberts or send a request to cascades vehicles through Outlook to reserve the van, pick-up truck, or Prius.

This fall, keys for the Pruis are being held at the front desk in Tykeson Hall. Please email Tyler or Amelia to coordinate key pick-up and return for other vehicles. When the dining hall opens, the keys to all vehicles will be available there.