Jennifer Reimer Recio

bust of Jennifer Reimer Recio

Jennifer Reimer Recio

Assistant Professor, American Studies

Tykeson Hall 302J
1500 SW Chandler Avenue
Bend, OR 97702
United States


Jennifer A. Reimer received her Ph.D. in ethnic studies from the University of California, Berkeley in 2011, and her MFA in Writing from the University of San Francisco in 2005. She is the 2011 winner of the American Studies Association’s Gloria E. Anzaldúa Award. She has numerous scholarly and creative publications. As a scholar, Jennifer writes about culture, race, gender, and migration.

Her first prose poetry book, "The Rainy Season Diaries," was released in 2013 by Quale Press. The Turkish translation of "The Rainy Season Diaries" was released by Şiirden Press (Istanbul) in 2017. Her second poetry book, "Keşke" (pronounced kesh-kay), was released in 2022 by Airlie Press, where she is a member of the editorial board. Additionally, Jennifer is the forward editor for the Journal of Transnational American Studies.

As kindergarten classroom aide, professor, writer, and freelance editor, Jennifer has lived and worked in Cyprus, Turkey, Denmark, Austria, and has been spending her pandemic year in the Basque country, on the Spain-France border. Follow her on Facebook (Jennifer Andrea) and Instagram (@jenniandreaca).