Virtual Parking Permits Available 

All vehicles parked on campus must have a valid parking permit associated with your license plate. This includes the Chandler Ave Parking lot and the Simpson Ave parking lot. We have adequate parking available to meet all parking demand and permits do not sell out. 

Hourly or daily parking is available in either parking lot using a mobile app from Passport. Signage indicates zone number of each lot. Download the app or pay online at

Term and monthly permits are available for on-campus residents and commuters, see below. 

Sustainable Parking

Our parking management strategy aims to influence individual travel choices so that, on aggregate, our campus moves in a direction of more sustainable travel. A key aspect of this strategy is to prompt a daily choice. We charge a daily parking fee if you drive alone to campus. However, if you can carpool with a co-worker or roommate we'll waive your parking fee. Better yet, take a bike or a bus and we'll offer rewards

Sustainable parking reflects several initiatives:

  • reducing the number of single-occupant vehicle trips to/from campus by encouraging biking, walking, bus, and other sustainable travel options; and,
  • minimizing the number of parking spaces we need on campus to maximize space available for natural landscape and buildings for learning and living.
  • offering on-campus housing for students and (eventually) employees to reduce trips to campus.



Parking is a valuable resource that requires maintenance and management. Rather than lump the costs of parking into tuition and other required fees, we only charge for parking if you drive alone and park on campus. This is consistent with other universities and reflects our commitment to a more sustainable future.

All vehicles parked on campus must have a valid parking permit associated with your license plate. This includes the Chandler Parking lot and the Simpson parking lot. Your vehicle license plate serves as the permit and must be visible at all times; no physical permits are issued.

A mobile app is available for daily permit purchase at The app allows you to choose which lot to park in daily, offering flexibility and saving you money. You don't pay to park on days you don't need to come to campus, or when you can bike, walk, or carpool.

Chandler-Century Parking Lot

This lot primarily serves as our short-term parking lot for commuters and visitors. Purchase a permit in the app or online at For in-person payment, please use the kiosk between Tykeson and Obsidian Halls to purchase an hourly ($1/hour) or daily ($4/day) permit. We only offer hourly or daily parking in this lot, consistent with our sustainable parking goals. 

Simpson Avenue Parking Lot

This lot is accessed from Simpson Avenue and primarily serves as daily and long-term parking for those who live on campus or want to save money compared to our Chandler-Century lot. The Simpson Lot (Zone 97701 in the Passport app) is a 5-minute walk from Ray Hall and we offer monthly ($40) or daily ($2) parking permits in that lot.

Daily permits are available in the Passport app or online. Signage indicates zone number of each lot. Monthly or term permits for this lot are available at

Graduate & Research Center

Parking permits are not required at the Graduate & Research Center at 650 SW Columbia St. While we would like to take a more active role in managing parking at the GRC, we share the lot with neighbors and do not have an effective way to institute or enforce a parking fee. 


University Standard 07-025 governs the use of vehicles, the use of non-motorized transportation, and parking, on Oregon State University  (“university”) property.


Please note that during snow events, the City of Bend may declare a "snow emergency" and restrict parking adjacent to the campus on Chandler Avenue. Sign up for email alerts or find more information on the City of Bend website.


Visitor parking is available in the Chandler-Century Lot for $1/hour or $4 per day. Permits are based on your license plate and are available: 1) online at  2) at the kiosk between Tykeson and Obsidian Halls; or 3) in the Passport mobile app. Fees apply Monday through Friday between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m.

Persons with a valid ADA placard may park in any marked ADA space on campus with their DMV-issued ADA placard and a valid OSU-Cascades parking permit. ADA permits can be purchased at the kiosk or in the Passport app at our lowest rate of $1/hr and maximum of $2/day - Choose Zone 97701 regardless of where you park on campus. 


Guests and Groups

Please coordinate with your group host (an OSU-Cascades employee) to arrange group parking in advance of your visit; your license plate number will be required for the permit. If you do not have an OSU-Cascades contact, please contact Parking Services.

Commuter Parking

If you plan to drive alone to campus, you can purchase:

  1. Daily parking permit for $2 (Simpson Avenue Lot) and $4 (Chandler-Century Lot) per day. Pay in the Passport app, online at, or at the kiosk between Tykeson and Obsidian Halls. A $2 transaction at the kiosk is valid for all day in the Simpson Lot. 
  2. 30-day permit for the Simpson Lot for $40 at

In support or our sustainable transportation goals, we offer free carpool parking - learn more.

Daily parking offers you the most flexibility; you don’t pay for days that you do not park on campus. When you drive alone to campus, choose between convenient parking in the Chandler-Century lot or a short walk to discounted parking in the Simpson Lot.

Commuters with a valid DMV-issued ADA placard can park in any ADA spaces in either lot for our lowest daily rate ($2/day). Pay for your parking in the Passport App and choose Zone 97701 to pay for any ADA space on campus, regardless of the lot. Or, contact parking services for a term ADA permit. 

On-Campus Residents

Resident permits are available for both parking lots, although we encourage residents to use the Simpson Avenue lot and offer a discounted rate in that lot.

Term and Monthly permits are available in the Simpson Avenue lot for $130 and $40, respectively. The Simpson lot is a short 8-10 minute walk and a 5-minute bike ride from the residence hall. See Parking Map. Bike racks are available in the parking lot and the pathway is lit after dark. Security cameras are located in the Simpson lot and are monitored by our Campus Safety team.  

Monthly (28-day) permits are available in the Chandler-Century lot for $80. This permit is provided primarily for students who may be working off campus and need daily access to their vehicle.

Free overnight (after 5 p.m. and until 10 a.m.) and weekend parking in the Chandler-Century lot is allowed for residents who obtain a free hangtag from Parking Services. Hangtags will be available on move-in day and thereafter at the parking desk in Obsidian Hall; vehicle registration is required. 

Monthly and term permits are available online at and daily permits can be purchased in the Passport app.


aerial photo of new parking lot near Simpson Avenue

Aerial Photo of New Simpson Avenue Parking Lot and Ray Hall - Summer 2021


University Standard 07-025 governs the use of vehicles, the use of non-motorized transportation, and parking, on Oregon State University  (“university”) property.

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