Citations & Appeals

Citations & Appeals

OSU-Cascades parking system is managed using vehicle license plates as your "virtual" permit. We enforce violations based on the vehicle's license plate, which must be visible from the parking aisle. 

Issued parking citations must be paid by check or at the cashier's office in Obsidian Hall within 10 days of the citation date to avoid late fees. Cashier payments are recorded immediately. Check payments are recorded the day they are received in the mail. Citations outstanding for more than 30 days may be subject to collections.



Citations can be paid online at with either citation number or license plate.

If paying with cash or check, pay at the cashier's office or by mailing a check referencing the citation number or license plate number to:

OSU-Cascades, CM 10
1500 SW Chandler Avenue
Bend, OR  97702

Any vehicle with three or more unpaid citations is subject to immobilization or tow at the owners expense per University Standard: 07-025. Additional fines apply. Towing services provided by Bar Towing, 160 SE Logsden St., Bend, OR. Bar Towing can be reached at 541-318-4280. 

Unpaid fines will be sent to collections or transferred to a student's university account after 30 days. This may impact ability to register for classes or obtain a valid transcript. 

Fine Rates



To appeal a citation online, enter either the citation number or vehicle license plate at 

Appeals Process

To make an appeal, provide specific evidence showing the citation was not valid and/or issued in error. The following reasons are NOT grounds to appeal a citation:

  • Lack of knowledge of regulations, for example, new to campus or have not read regulations
  • Other vehicles were also parked improperly
  • Late to class or appointment
  • Disagreement with or inability to pay the amount of the fine(s)
  • Lack of space
  • Unread or misunderstood signs
  • Parking only for short period of time
  • Failure to display parking permit (valid license plate)
  • Parked in ADA parking area without valid DMV placard
  • Lost citation
  • Forgetfulness

The review committee may accept statements into consideration, however statements admitting the offense may not be considered as evidence needed to overturn the citation. Each citation has pictures attached that are taken at the time the citation is issued. These pictures are entered as evidence to support the officer’s actions while enforcing the regulations. Overtime violations include time stamps, as well as pictures of the vehicle as the officers supporting evidence.


Fine Rates

Offense Fines*
Paid Within 5 days Paid after 5 days
Parked Without a Valid Permit $14 $25
Parked overtime, posted timed areas, loading zones $30 $40
No plate visible $30 $40
Parked in the wrong area/parked in "No Parking" area $30 $40
Other: Parked in more than one space $30 $40
Parked on lawns, sidewalks or crosswalks $40 $50
Parked in drive lane, bike lanes, blocked parking space $40 $50
Parked wrong way/against traffic flow (safety issue) $40 $50
Parked in restricted area $40 $50
Parked in posted fire lane $50 $60
Parked in reserved space-unauthorized use $75 $85
Circumventing regulations $75 $85
Immobilization (boot) fee $200 $200
Blocking access to ADA space $90 $100
Unauthorized living in vehicle $100 $100
Use of counterfeit/altered/lost/stolen permits $300 $300
Parked in ADA space including access/ramp $400


Towing (at owner's expense)

varies from $100 to $500

Group parking reconciliation fee $100

* Includes $3 administrative fee 

Citations are issued under the authority of Oregon Revised Statute 352.087(1)(m), and OSU Standards 580-040-025 and 07-025.