Parking FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions about Parking at OSU-Cascades

Please review the following and reach out if you have additional questions to Parking Services.

How do I pay for a Parking Permit?

We offer daily parking to promote greater flexibility and freedom of choice for commuters. Daily permits for both lots can be purchase online or in the Passport app. A daily permit in the Chandler-Century lot costs $4/day and is Zone 97700. Zone 97701 is the Simpson lot and a daily permit costs $2/day.

Our parking homepage summarizes parking permit options based on user type. Scroll down to the bottom of the page to view options for guests, on-campus resident students, and commuters (students and employees).

Can on-campus residents park in the Chandler-Century parking lot?

Yes, with purchase of a daily permit during fee hours (8 a.m. to 5 p.m. weekdays). Permits can be purchased daily in the Passport app or at the kiosk. If parking outside of fee hours, no permit is required (i.e., you can park ovenight for free). Per our parking policies, no camping or living in a vehicle is allowed in our lots.

What permit options do I have as a student who lives on campus?

You can purchase a term permit for the Simpson Avenue lot or daily permits for the Chandler-Century lot (see above). Purchase online or through

We prioritize parking in the Chandler lot for commuters who need access to parking to attend classes. On-campus resident students don’t need their cars to get to class, unless dually enrolled at COCC.

What safety measures have been put in place for those walking to/from the Simpson Avenue lot?

OSU-Cascades Campus Safety is available at 541-322-3110 for a walking escort. We encourage students to find a friend who can walk with them if they do not request support from Campus Safety. Lighting is provided along the path and security cameras have coverage of the pathway from the parking lot and atop Ray Hall. In an emergency call 911.

If returning to campus after 5 p.m., consider parking in the Chandler-Century lot overnight. See above.

Why does OSU-Cascades charge for parking? I already pay for tuition.

Parking costs are not funded with tuition dollars, similar to the residence hall. We don’t ask students who live off campus to pay for the residence hall, and we only require those who drive alone to pay for parking. It’s a resource that requires maintenance and management. Fees go towards snow removal, sweeping, resurfacing, and restriping.

Paid parking is also intended to encourage consideration of leaving your car at home and using active transportation options. If more of our students choose not to drive alone, we can use our land for other purposes, and focus funding on educational experiences.

As the campus grows, we want to reduce our carbon impacts by encouraging as many people as possible to walk, bike, bus, carpool, or get dropped off. Even if just one or two days per week, these actions will help us work towards our sustainability goals and reduce the amount of new parking we need to build.

Do employees pay to park?

Yes, those who use the parking lot pay for the parking lot and its maintenance. Employees are informed of this before they accept a position and account for the cost of parking in their compensation. This is similar to all state universities, where parking is recognized as a resource and those who use it pay for it.  

What if I forget to pay for a permit?

Appeal online. We’ll review your payment records and are more likely to waive the citation if you have a history of payment in the app.

Citation payments are $14, if paid within 5 days, $25 after.

Why can't I buy a monthly permit in the Chandler-Century lot?

The Chandler-Century lot does not have the capacity to accommodate all parking demand, thus we have built a second lot (accessed off Simpson Avenue) to accommodate long-term parking (e.g., on-campus residents who don't drive daily). Since our Parking Management Plan was developed in 2017, we have prioritized parking for commuter students. Many of our commuters are taking classes part-time while working to support themselves and they need to know they can come to campus, get to class, and get back to work. 

We are actively balancing our sustainability goals with convenient parking options. Monthly parking permits cost the same amount no matter how much or how little they are used. This type of pricing is known to increase consumption: the more you drive, the cheaper each trip gets. But, when driving and parking is a daily choice, other sustainable transportation choices become more viable options on any given day.

I paid and still got a citation, what’s up with that?

9 out of 10 times, the plate number was entered incorrectly in the app or at the kiosk. Compare the plate you paid for to that on the citation. If it was an honest mistake, file an appeal online - we’ll help you avoid this next time.

What’s the best bang for my buck in parking?

The Simpson lot permit is $2 per day, our lowest on campus. Pay via the app or purchase a monthly permit if you plan to drive alone daily.

Earn a 10% bonus on funds when depositing $20 into a virtual wallet in the Passport app.   

How do I earn free parking?

Carpools park free. Apply online.

Earn $10 in parking credit when you log 5 days of biking, walking, bussing, or rolling to campus. Learn More.

Can I park in a 20-minute space after 5 pm?

Yes, but not more than 20 minutes. vehicles parked in 20-minute spaces for more than 20 minutes are subject to citation at all times, all days.

Where can I park my motorcycle/moped or other motorized 2-wheel vehicle? 

Designated spaces in the Chandler Parking lot are available at no cost to park, although you will need to share those spaces with other motorcycles. We can offer these at no cost in the short-term because it helps us get more people here with fewer parking spaces needed. 

Who should I talk to if I have a parking complaint?

Call or email our Transportation Program Manager