When you walk, bike, roll, carpool, vanpool, or take the bus to campus you are helping reduce traffic congestion and parking demand locally. You're setting an example for others, reducing climate impacts, and making a healthy choice.


We encourage our students and employees to consider how they can reduce the number of trips they make to campus in their car. Can you share a ride with a roommate one or two days per week? Catch the Route 7 bus on days when you don't have to work after class? Every trip you make on a bike, bus, or your favorite active device counts towards our Rider Rewards program. 

Participants earn rewards for completing round-trip commutes using active travel options. Sign up for an account or login at On the dashboard, look for "My Rewards" and choose "View All Rewards" to enroll in the bronze, silver, and gold rewards programs. You'll get a small reward when you complete your first 5 round-trips, a $10 reward at 15, and a $30 reward at 30 round-trips. All gift cards earned will be subject to income tax.


If you were biking to campus consistently this fall, don't let the weather slow you down this winter. OSU-Cascades' Rider Rewards program will help you get outfitted for winter when you commit to continue riding, rain/snow or shine! For every day you commit to commuting to campus by bike, we'll offer up to $4 toward purchase of bike commute gear before the start of winter term. Then, the pressure's on to follow through!

Qualifying gear could include: studded bike tires; cold weather biking apparel or gloves; bike lights; and more. Purchases will be made within 1 week of receiving rider commitment in the form of an email noting:

  1. Confirmation of enrollment in Get There (see below)
  2. Number of days committing to ride to/from campus by bike from Jan. 3 to March 25
  3. What gear you're requesting (web links, or general ideas if you need help picking it out)
  4. Explanation of what motivates you to ride through winter (e.g., health, environment, $$)
  5. Acknowledgment that you will provide photos documenting your preferred travel mode and route to OSU-Cascades, or, allow us to get your photo for promotional purposes.

Winter Warrior commitment must be received by January 19 to receive these extra incentives.


Follow these two steps to get started:

  1. Create an account and join the OSU-Cascades network at Get There (with your .edu email address).
  2. Log your COMMUTE trips online or download the CommuteTracker App from Ride Amigos in the App Store or Google Play. Only your commute trips to/from campus qualify for rewards.

Download on the Apple Store Download on Google Play

Rewards (subject to availability) include swag and Gift Cards to the following:
  • Jersey Mike's Sub Voucher ($8.50)
  • Nutcase "Thumbdinger" Bike Bell
  • OSU-Cascades Gear Store ($10, $25)
  • Nutcase Bike Helmets ($34.99 value)
  • Old Mill District ($10, $25)
  • Downtown Bend Dollars ($10, $25)
  • Parking app credits ($10)

Prize Redemption

You will receive an email when you earn a reward. This will include information about prize redemption. 


You are eligible for Rider Rewards if you meet all of the following criteria:

  • You are actively employed at OSU-Cascades, or you are a postdoc or registered student (students only qualify for registered quarters: minimum of 8 credits for undergraduates and 6 credits for graduate students).
  • Your primary commute is to OSU-Cascades in Bend.