Moving You in Our Community

When you walk, bike, roll, carpool, vanpool, or take the bus to campus you are helping reduce traffic congestion and parking demand locally. You're setting an example for others, reducing climate impacts, and making a healthy choice. 

To encourage and track participation we use an online (and app-based) platform. Follow these two steps to get started:

  1. Create an account and join the OSU-Cascades network at Get There (with your .edu email address).
  2. Log your COMMUTE trips online or download the CommuteTracker App from Ride Amigos in the App Store or Google Play. Only your commute trips to/from campus qualify for rewards.


Download on the Apple Store

Download on Google Play

New Participants

Many students and employees are familiar with Mt. Bachelor's "Ride in 5" program that helps people learn to ski/snowboard. Likewise, we encourage our students and employees to try out a new commute option and we'll incentivize you to do it for three terms. Start by sharing a ride with a roomate one or two days per week, or ride the bus on a day when you don't have work after class, etc. Email Transportation Services with any questions or sign up at Get There Oregon.

Current Participants

Returning participants earn rewards for completing round-trip commutes using active travel options. Each time you reach a cumulative total of 25 days you will earn a reward valued at up to $25. One reward can be earned per academic term. All gift cards accepted will be subject to income tax.

Rewards (subject to availability) include Gift Cards to the following:

  • Jersey Mike's
  • OSU-Cascades Gear Store
  • Old Mill District
  • Downtown Bend Dollars
  • Nutcase Bike Helmet (black Zone helmet)


You will recieve an email when you earn a reward. This will include information about prize redemption. 

Revise Your Ride

Earn rewards when you leave your car at home. Start logging active commute trips online today!