Bike Registration

Besides locking up your bicycle, registering your ride with gives you the best shot at getting your bike back if it is ever stolen.

This free, community-driven service ensures that your bike’s identifying information will always be available anytime you need it. And once it’s listed, it can be identified in just seconds by any bike shop, pawn shop, police department or private buyer using the Bike Index database.

Please note: this registry is not affiliated with law enforcement. If your bike is stolen, you should report it to the OSU-Cascades Public Safety and the Bend Police Department. You can reach Public Safety at 541-322-3110 and submit an online report to the Bend PD via this online form.

Bike Share

OSU-Cascades partnered with Zagster to operate a bike share program for students and employees. Unfortunately that program did not survive the pandemic in spring 2020 and Zagster declared bankruptcy. We are working to develop a new shared transportation service to be launched in spring 2021.

Employee Bike Share

Employees have access to two electric bicycles (e-bikes) for personal and work-related trips during the workday. Please review e-bike rules and return a signed copy of the waiver of liability form to

One of the Most Efficient Ways to Get Around


  • Biking requires no gasoline and very little in the way of bike maintenance.
  • No parking permit is required to bike to school/work on the OSU-Cascades campus.
  • Covered bike racks are available on campus outside every building.


  • Biking at a pace of 10 mph burns 400 calories an hour for someone who weighs 150 lbs (from "Bicycling Magazine").
  • Bypass the gym, use your commute time to get your 30-minutes of exercise per day.
  • People who bike to work generally have lower healthcare costs than those who drive.
  • Biking can stimulate the production of endorphins, which can help to manage stress.


  • Biking produces no air pollution and uses no fuel (except your body calories).
  • Biking is a completely zero-emissions form of transportation.
  • Biking significantly reduces traffic congestion.

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