E-Bikes at OSU-Cascades

OSU-Cascades E-Bikes

OSU-Cascades has two electric bikes for faculty and staff use only. Bike usage is first-come, first-served. If you have a specific event and need to reserve an e-bike, please talk to Transportation Services. 

If you have not already submitted a waiver form, please start there.

1.  Complete risk and waiver of liability form:

        Bike Share Waiver Form

        Submit form to transportation@osucascades.edu

2.  Unlock bicycle and store lock – using mount on bike

3.  Helmet use is required; helmets are stored with the bikes inside Obsidian Hall.

4.  Follow all traffic laws while using bike

7.  Lock bike to a designated bike rack at destination

8.  Upon return, place bicycle against bike rack and lock the rear wheel and frame to the rack.

9.  Return helmet and gear to designated storage location

Report a Problem

If you experience a problem with the bicycle or equipment or the equipment is damaged during use, send an e-mail to transportation@osucascades.edu

The checkout calendar will be adjusted as needed, repairs made to the bicycle or gear, and the bicycle returned to service as quickly as possible.