Free On-Demand Rides with Ride Bend

Ride Bend connects our campus to downtown and the Old Mill District (and surrounding areas) through Labor Day. After Labor Day the service will provide a connect between OSU-Cascades and COCC.

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Walk, Bike and Bus

OSU-Cascades and the Associated Students of Cascades Campus (ASCC) are working together to provide free bus passes and transit enhancements. Two CET bus routes serve the campus, and Graduate & Research Center. OSU-Cascades is also testing a new transit service in Summer/Fall 2019 - learn more about Ride Bend

Share Rides, Bikes and Cars

We have options for sharing rides, bikes, and cars (look for e-scooters in summer/fall 2019) to save you money and reduce our collective impact on the environment.
Bike Share
A shared fleet of bicycles make it easy to get around campus and the city without a car. Downtown, the Old Mill District, and other popular destinations are only 10-minutes away by bike. Students and employees get free membership at when signing up with your university email address. Hourly, monthly, and annual memberships are available to the public. 
Sharing a ride with a friend, co-worker, or neighbor can save wear and tear on your vehicle, reduce emissions, cut your gas costs, and save you money on parking. To get a free carpool parking permit, email us. Carpool permits are issued for those who carpool daily or on a casual (occasional) basis. 
Interested in sharing a ride with other students, staff or faculty, but don't know anyone that lives near you? Create an account at Get There. Get There is an easy-to-use carpool matching tool and trip planner that facilitates communication over a secure network.


Uber and Lyft provide ride hailing services in Bend and throughout Central Oregon.