Silas Towne

Silas Towne Head shot

Silas Towne

Senior Instructor, Chemistry

Tykeson Hall 327
1500 SW Chandler Avenue
Bend, OR 97702
United States

M.S. Chemistry, University of Oregon
M.E. Education, Grand Canyon University
B.S. Chemistry, George Fox University

After completion of his master's in chemistry, Silas began work at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory as a research scientist. His work focused on membrane electrode assembly (MEA) production, operation and analysis of fuel cells, formulation of colloid solutions, battery diagnosis and structure, and polymer fiber modification with nanoparticles. His work at the lab included lab management as well as proposal, report and journal writing. This culminated in two first author journals, two patents and one outstanding performance award. Silas transitioned from the lab to education in 2012 and started work at COCC. His duties there included supervision of science tutors including recruiting, hiring, scheduling and training while serving as a direct liaison to the science faculty, bridging curriculum and tutoring services. In addition, he worked as lab manager including supervision of laboratory technicians, developing policies and procedures for safety, and all procurement for the science department, including all lab materials, capital equipment, and outside service contracts. 

Key Publications and Patents

S Towne, V Viswanathan, J Holbery and PC Rieke "Fabrication of Polymer Electrolyte Membrane Fuel Cell MEAs Utilizing Inkjet Print Technology." J. Power Sources, 171 (2007) 575.  

S Towne, M Carella, W. Mustain, V Viswanathan, and PC Rieke "Performance of a Direct Borohydride Fuel Cell Stack." ECS Transactions, 25 (2009) 10.1149.

P.C. Rieke, S.A. Towne, “Process of Making Porous Electrodes.” U.S Patent 8,202,569, Jun. 19, 2012

P.C. Rieke, S.A. Towne, G.W. Coffee, A.M. Appel “Separation and/or Sequestration Apparatus and Methods.” U.S Patent 8,945,368, Feb. 3, 2015