Chemical Spill


Medical Response: Call 9-1-1
HAZMAT Response:  Call 9-1-1
Facilities & Operations Manager: 541-382-2048

1.  Alert people in the immediate area to evacuate; close doors to quarantine affected area

2.  Determine the size of the spill and respond appropriately, according to the spill response plan
     o    If safe to do so, prevent further release of the hazardous material
     o    Immediately evacuate the area if the spill poses a threat to others.
     o    Obtain spill control materials if available
     o    Protect yourself with appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
     o    Contain and control the spill
     o    Dispose of material correctly or wait for help if the material is in a stable condition

3.    Attend to injured or contaminated person, if safe to do so

4.    Have person with knowledge of incident and facility assist responding emergency personnel

Additional information:
1.  Some emergencies require the evacuation of the buildings. The sounding of the fire alarm system or verbal orders in the building will signal evacuation.
     a.    See Appendix E – Emergency Response Procedures:  Evacuation
2.  Check to make sure no one is missing, and inform emergency responders if someone is unaccounted for.  
3.  Do not use elevators during an evacuation.


•    Follow OSU-Cascades spill response procedures to clean up water and chemical waste
•    Report spills to Environmental Health and Safety for assistance with regulatory reporting