Disaster - Natural or Human Caused


Call Police: Call 9-1-1

Call OSU-Cascades Campus Safety Office: Call 9-541-322-3110

1. Remain calm.
2. Report unsafe conditions or need for medical assistance to 9-1-1 and the OSU-Cascades Facilities & Operations Manager’s Office.
3. Render first aid, CPR, or an AED, if you are properly trained.
4. Listen for announcements or alarms and follow instructions from emergency response personnel.
5. Don’t use the elevator during an emergency, use the stairs.

  • If you are stranded in an elevator, use the emergency phone/intercom to summon help

6. Don’t drink the water or use gas or electric devices until the emergency personnel determine that it is safe to do so.
7. Do not attempt to fight a fire until after you have notified 9-1-1 that there is a fire, have activated the building fire alarm, have obtained fire extinguisher training, and feel safe to do so.


  • Check in with OSU-Cascades leadership to determine response status. The best source of information for the public will be the OSU-Cascades webpage
  • Do not enter an evacuated space until you receive official communication that the space is safe
  • Once entering an evacuated building, inspect your work area and report any issues to your manager or directly to the Director of Public Safety.