If you feel an earthquake:
1.  Protect yourself (Drop, Cover and Hold-on).  Evacuate the building as soon as shaking has subsided and you deem it safe.
  • Stay away from glass
  • Do not use a doorway unless you know it is a load-bearing doorway
  • Do not exit the building while shaking is going on. Falling debris can kill you
  • Do not use elevators
  • Do not pull fire alarm
2.  If outside during the shaking, move away from buildings or other objects that could fall

3.  Stay away from overhead power lines that could fall and do not go near power lines that are laying on the ground.

4.  Bring only items you can easily grab, including backpacks especially packed with emergency gear, coat, hat, phone, essentials (e.g. handbag).



  • Do not re-enter a building until it has been seismically inspected

  • Expect aftershocks and more building damage to occur

  • Extinguish small fires
  • Turn off natural gas and water if there is an apparent leak and if safe to do so; wait for utility company to inspect the facility. Utilities may only be turned back on by facilities staff, and once the Facilities & Operations manager has deemed it safe to do so.
  • Follow OSU–Cascades guidance for follow-on activities.