Field Program Emergency


  • The group leader’s primary resource is the group of people on the trip; outside help could take several hours to arrive.
  • It is the group leader’s responsibility to assess the situation and should consider: eminent dangers, the location of all members of the group, injuries that have occurred, special needs of group members (e.g. medication), resources available (e.g. food and water).
  • The group leader should first contact emergency services at 9-1-1 and provide the location and a summary of the situation.
  • When conditions warrant, the group leader will contact university leadership: the Director of Enrollment Services and Student Success, the Dean of Students, or the Vice President.

              o   Further communication will follow Appendix D (OSU-Cascades Communications Plan) of the Emergency Operations Plan


Upon return to campus, the group leader will meet with university leadership to debrief on the situation and current status