What to do if taken hostage:
1.  Be patient. Time is on your side. Avoid drastic action.

2. The first 45 minutes are the most dangerous. Be alert and follow instructions.

3. Do not speak unless spoken to and then only when necessary.

4.  Avoid arguments, or appearing hostile. Treat the captor with respect. If you can, establish a rapport with the captor. It is probable the captors do not want to hurt anyone. If medications, first aid, or restroom privileges are needed by anyone, say so.

5.  Try to rest. Avoid speculating. Expect the unexpected.

6.  Be observant. You may be released or escape.  You can help others with your observations.

7. Be prepared to speak to law enforcement personnel on the phone.


  • Be prepared to be interviewed by officials
  • Contact your supervisor to seek counseling services