Job Scams

Job scams happen every day, can be posted on various public job search sites and sent directly to your email (know that your OSU email address is public* in a university directory online). If you receive an email or find a job posting that you are hesitant about contact The Career Development Center and we will help you to identify if the opportunity is a scam.

Here are some warning signs that the opportunity is fraudulent:

  • You didn’t apply for a job with that company first, they contacted you directly
  • The opportunity and offer seem too good to be true (low hours, high wage, flexible, etc.)
  • The contact email address isn’t affiliated with the company, instead it comes from a @gmail, @yahoo, @hotmail, etc. account
  • If you initially respond, they ask for financial information, social security and driver’s license, or other personal information
  • An interview is conducted online, frequently via chat, and an offer is given immediately
  • You receive a response to your application almost immediately
  • You may be offered a large payment, or receive an unexpectedly large check

If you receive a fraudulent email, please forward it as an attachment to If you have responded to a fraudulent email, please contact Public Safety (541-322-3110, Bend) Also, if you have provided any banking/credit card information, please contact your bank and report the fraud immediately. 

* Students who wish to limit the information included in the online directory can do so online. Just sign on to MyOSU: on the Student tab under "My Student Stuff," click on the link for "OSU Directory Preferences" and follow the instructions on that page.