How to Create a Feature Story

1. Login to website:
Enter your ONID credentials.

2. Click Content --> Add Content --> Feature Story

3. Give the announcement a "Title." This will show up on the top of the Feature Story as the title.

4. Click "Display in Rotating Feature Block." This will tell Drupal to show the story in the slide show on the landing page of your section.

5. Make sure you have photo ready to go on your desktop - size it to 860px by 404. If you need help with photo, contact Adam Foster.

6. Hit Browse button under Picture and upload photo.

7. Add Caption. This is the text that pops up in the text overlay over the photo.

8. Alternate URL - if you want the Feature Story to redirect to an existing page, add the URL of the page here.

9. Body field - if you don't redirect, add copy for this feature story here. If you are going to copy and paste from Word, use the "Paste from Word" button in toolbar.

10. Make sure Text format is "Full HTML"

11. Hit the green "Save" button at bottom of page.

12. Hover over the house icon in the upper-left of the tool bar. Click "Flush all caches."