It's in The Bag: Lunchtime Lectures


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September 26

Robert Liberty, Sustainable Cities Initiative, University of Oregon
With introduction by Matt Shinderman, Senior Instructor, Natural Resources Program

robert liberty

Creating Sustainable Cities in Oregon and the World:
Challenges and Opportunities Ahead

The world is experiencing urbanization and industrialization at an unprecedented rate. The results are increased incomes and lifespans - and degradation of environmental systems. Come explore the challenges posed by global urbanization and ideas for creating sustainable cities, including here in Central Oregon. In addition to the talk at noon, join us later on Sept 26 for a conversation with Robert Liberty, 5:30-6:30 p.m., at the Summit Saloon in downtown Bend.

November 7

Henry Sayre, Distinguished Professor, Art History, Oregon State University - Cascades

Henry SayreIsaac Julien’s Ten Thousand Waves

Isaac Julien’s nine-screen video art installation starred actress Maggie Cheung and weaves together stories linking China’s ancient past and present in lavish scenes. Its 2010 premiere was global and heralded. Art historian Henry Sayre deemed it “the single best work of art” he’s viewed in years. Come learn why this piece, above all others, captured his imagination.


January 9, 2013

Kathleen Cowin, Assistant Professor, Teacher and Counselor Education, Oregon State University - Cascades

Teachers Mentoring Teachers

The process to become a teacher involves learning from experienced teachers who serve as mentors, coaches and evaluators. Experienced teachers often have little formal education in these areas. Kathleen Cowin will explore what student teachers relay about this learning period and how it can be refined so that beginning teachers are best prepared to educate our children.


February 6, 2013

Jesse King, Assistant Professor, Business, Oregon State University - Cascades

jesse-kingHelpful and Safe vs. Useless and Dangerous: Research on the Affect Heuristic

Our feelings guide our decisions more than most people are willing to admit. Products we buy, investments we make and our willingness to help those in need are often determined by how we feel rather than on real information. Jesse King will examine recent research into the affect heuristic, the mental shortcut for decision-making, and how it affects our evaluations of risky decisions.


April 3, 2013

Sandy Brooke, Associate Professor, Art, Oregon State University - Cascades

Fate and Luck:  A Series Crossing Boundaries

Where do ideas come from in art? Art professor Sandy Brooke will discuss her series of works, Fate and Luck, a collection of paintings, collages and encaustics. She'll explore if an artist's inspirational idea changes when the media—oil paint, gouache and wax—changes, or whether the idea can transcend across media types.


May 1, 2013

Michael Giamellaro, Assistant Professor of Science and Math Education, Oregon State University - Cascades

Science:  Out of the Classroom and Into the Real World

Science teachers have taken their students out into the real world for as long as there have been science teachers.  As the educational landscape evolves though, the value of these experiences is weighed against standards-driven testing and limited K-12 funding.  Explore Giamellaro’s research into how science is taught to high schoolers and discover how what is learned inside the classroom is fundamentally different from what is learned when the class moves outside of the classroom walls.