Sep 20, 2013


The Finance & Administration Committee of the Oregon State Board of Higher Education today approved Oregon State University - Cascades' purchase of two real estate properties comprising 56 acres in southwest Bend, Ore., paving the way for a physical campus for the branch campus. For information see fact sheet.

Sales of the purchases will close following a due diligence period on each.  The closing on the 10-acre parcel currently owned by Cascades Property Holdings, LLC is anticipated in October.  The closing on the 46-acre property, owned by  4-R Equipment, LLC is anticipated in March 2014. The extended due diligence period for the larger parcel, part of which contains a pumice mine and the balance of which is zoned for residential use, allows the university and seller to fully develop and assess a remediation plan.

University leaders are working with the City of Bend and the Campus Expansion Advisory Committee to outline a master planning process and engage stakeholders from throughout the community in order to develop a university campus that aligns with the educational, economic and cultural needs of the region.

The branch campus plans to expand to a four-year university, welcoming its first freshmen and sophomores in fall 2015.

Posted September 20, 2013.