Share Your Journey: Adam DuQuette

Describe your internship. Where was it? How long was it? What were your key responsibilities? 

My internship started in the Winter of 2015 and is still running currently. My key responsibilities started with just bug fixing existing code in the software suite our office produces. Over time I have continued to maintain existing programs, and I am now the product owner of a new application that was developed since I began working there. I work with the MFC library in C++ and as well as the .NET framework in C#.

How did your internship influence your career interests, goals, or future plans?  

Working at my current internship has had a huge impact on knowing where I want to work, and what types of teams I'd like to work on. There are a few things I would have never learned about myself if it weren't for my internship. For instance, at my current position I experience a lot of freedom and creative control with my product. I am allowed to make a lot of high level decisions that have a huge impact on how our customer's interact with our software. It is incredibly rewarding to see your hard work pay off with positive reviews. So, from this experience I know I want to work somewhere that allows me to make those kinds of decisions.

Also, when I first began this internship my confidence in my abilities was very low. But now my confidence is at an all time high and it is only continuing to grow. I would say this has had the most positive impact on my life. Not only as a person, but it has validated what I'm learning in the classroom. It has also helped me become a better student.

What advice would you give to students to help them make the most of their internship experience?

The main purpose of a student internship is for YOU to get something out of it, and a secondary purpose is for the company to get something. Don't be hesitant to get an internship because you aren't sure you will be productive enough, or know enough about the job; because you won't. But you absolutely will gain those skills during your internship, which will make you a better candidate for jobs once you graduate. So, my advice is to just worry about what things you can learn from the experience. Constantly ask questions. Complete a task and ask if it could have been done better. Have monthly reviews with your boss to see how well they think you are progressing. Just worry about you and your learning, and everything else will fall into place.

What are your hopes and dreams for the Cascades Tech Club at OSU-Cascades and what do you think students will gain by being involved?  

My dream for the Cascades Tech Club is to become a leader among other clubs at our school, and for our members to be a mix of multiple disciplines. I want the club to be a place where any student can come and feel comfortable to learn and meet new people. I hope one day our club is the incubator for many great ideas, whether it is just a small/fun project or an actual business that students started only because they met during a club event. I hope our club is able to make a positive, lasting impact on the lives of students as well as a positive, lasting impact on the community we all call home: Central Oregon.

Adam DuQuette

Agency: North Sails Design
Intern Title: Software Engineer - Intern
Major: Computer Science
Graduation Year: Spring 2017