Social Media Policy


Social media platforms provide some of the quickest and most direct ways to share information, but with their power to inform also comes institutional risk. Though Oregon State is committed to having a strong social media presence institution-wide, it's important to ensure that messages from faculty, staff and students are strategic and consistent with the university’s overall mission and brand.

These policies have been developed by the University to facilitate legal, safe and effective use of social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and more. They will be updated as needed as social media evolves.

Social media accounts created on behalf of Oregon State University are the sole property of the institution. Creators and administrators of the accounts have no ownership rights.

OSU Social Media Policies


OSU-Cascades on Social Media


Best Practices

Before creating your OSU-Cascades platform

Contact the social media coordinator and discuss the way the platform will be presented — name, graphics, department group, student group, etc., and come up with a strategy. This will help build a relationship, as well as allow OSU-Cascades to be better informed on what accounts are out there so that we can categorize and share content with appropriate groups across campus.

Go here for General Best Practices


Four profile avatars are used across all official Oregon State affiliated social media platforms.

Orange is for campus account (OSU-Cascades main channels, OSU main channels, Newport main channels)
Gray is for college accounts (College of Business, College of Forestry)
Black is for academic groups (Departments, labs, etc.)
White is for student support and student groups (Enrollment, admissions, housing, official student groups)

Download your corresponding avatar here.