OSU Email (ONID)

    As a registered student, you have access to a personal OSU email account. You can access email and the internet through lab computers connected to the campus network or through your computer.


      The portal for students and employees, with a clean, modern and intuitive interface that makes it easy to find all of the information you want and need, in one place.


      The Online Learning System used at OSU for all OSU class information.

      • Tests and quizzes
      • Class grades
      • Lecture notes
      • Discussion boards
      • Contact information
      • Personal calendars

      Google Apps for OSU

      • Google Mail
      • Google Drive
      • Google Calendar
      • Google Sites
      • Google Groups


      Contact the OSU-Cascades librarian if you have any questions.

      Computer Lab

      Drop-in Computer Lab

      • 27 Windows Computers
      • Black and White Printer ($.07/one-sided; $.09 double-sided)
      • Color Printer ($.25/one-sided; $.40 double-sided)
      • HP scanner 
      • Headphones

      Note: Printing will be billed via your university account.

      OSU provides wireless network access for registered students. For more information, please refer to the Wireless Network web page on the OSU main campus. 

      Information Services

      Information Services is the central IT organization for OSU. We work to further the mission of the university and serve our students, employees, researchers and partners.