Faculty Tutoring Information

About Tutoring

OSU-Cascades offers free peer tutoring to assist students in their OSU courses. Subject tutoring is provided in Tykeson Hall, room 203, via drop-in or appointment. Past subjects have included biology, general and organic chemistry, math, physics, statistics and writing. For a full list of this term’s tutors and hours visit the Tutoring Services page.

Please take a moment in your courses to share about tutoring services. Students have different assumptions about using tutoring services, but you can help your students overcome any resistance by sharing:

  • Students of all skill and ability levels use tutoring
  • It’s never too soon, nor too late, to start using a tutor
  • Students who seek assistance often have high GPAs
  • Tutoring allows students to take control of their own academic success

Tutoring isn’t just beneficial to your students, but it can be a useful way for you to help support students who need a little more assistance solidifying concepts and skills.

Feel free to use the following statement on your course syllabi to inform your students about tutoring services:

Learning Lab

Walk-in and appointment tutoring is available free of charge to all OSU-Cascades students in the Learning Lab, located in Tykeson Hall, room 203. Past subjects have included biology, general and organic chemistry, math, physics, statistics, and writing. Visit the library or osucascades.edu/studentsuccesscenter/tutoring-services for a current schedule of tutors.

How to get the most out of a tutoring session

  1. Start early - Those who visit tutors earlier tend to do better than those who wait.
  2. Come prepared - Bring assignment descriptions, textbooks, notes, etc. The more you prepare, the more you’ll get out of the session.
  3. Be ready to learn - Come away with study ideas and concepts to follow up on.

About Academic Coaching

Available virtually via the Corvallis campus, Academic Coaching can help enhance students well-being and academic performance. Appointments are made with trained peer coaches to improve study strategies, including time management, test preparation, test taking, procrastination, and stress reduction. Individualized appointments provide for a focus on student’s unique experiences, strengths, challenges, and goals. Academic coaching is beneficial for students who may be struggling with balancing course loads, and are willing to participate in a self-driven appointment. For additional information, please visit the Academic Coaching website.

Feel free to use the following statement on your course syllabi to inform your students about academic coaching:

Academic Coaching

Academic Coaching is a series of conversations designed to help enhance your well-being and academic performance. Coaching appointments last about 45 minutes, and take place with a peer coach who is trained to listen and ask thoughtful questions. Common discussion topics include time management, test preparation, test taking, procrastination and stress reduction. Coaching appointments are individualized, so discussions focus on your unique experiences, strengths, challenges, and goals, allowing you to identify and implement personal solutions to challenging issues or areas of performance.

Additional information can be found online at: success.oregonstate.edu/academic-coaching. Appointments can be made online at: coolkidsgetcoached.acuityscheduling.com/schedule.php. Appointments can be completed on your own device from anywhere. The library also has equipment and space to complete appointments.

More Information

Contact Apolo Aguirre, 541-322-2054, for more information, suggestions or questions.