Tourism and Outdoor Leadership First-Year Curriculum (Sample)

Fall Term

ALS 199 (2) U-Engage: Cascades OSU
HHP 185 WN (1) Wilderness Training or Rock Climbing COCC
MTH 111 (4) College Algebra OSU*
SUS 102 (4) Intro Env. Sci and Sustainability        
WR 121 (3) English Composition I OSU*

Total credits: 14

Winter Term

BA 101 (4) Intro to Business COCC                          
Bacc Core: Western Culture (3-4) OSU* (or SPAN 112 for International Eco-Tourism Option)
COMM 111 (3) Public Speaking OSU*
MTH 243 (4) Stats I COCC (not required but recommended)
WR 222 (3) English Composition II OSU*

Total credits: 14-18

Spring Term

Bacc Core: Lit and Arts (4) OSU* (or SPAN 111 for International Eco-Tourism Option)
FOR 255 (3) Resource Interpretation COCC
GEO 201 (4) Physical Geology OSU*
HHP 185WW (1) Kayaking I or Rafting I COCC      
HHS 231(2) Health and Fitness OSU*
OL 244 (3) Psychology of Risk and Adventure COCC

Total credits: 17

*equivalent course at COCC
All information is a sample plan and may be tailored to meet each individual student’s academic background, needs and goals.
All information is subject to change.