What you need to know to use Slack

  • Log into https://class-osuphysics.slack.com using your ONID credentials.
  • Once in you will need to select the workspace you want to join, scroll down until you see OSU Physics. After entering the workspace you can bookmark that page and future logins will take you right there.
  • Once in you can search channels to add. Look for #virtual-wormhole and #ph203_spring2020
  • If you want to start a zoom session yourself while in Slack, you can type /zoom and hit enter (twice).  The first time you do this Slack will ask if you give them permission to integrate Zoom.  It will ask you to log in to Zoom to complete the process and you do so by selecting "SSO Login".  It will ask for a domain, which is "oregonstate".  After your first time starting a Zoom session in Slack, "/zoom",  you will not have to do this again.