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The admissions team is hosting transfer advising sessions on the OSU-Cascades campus.

Register for a transfer advising session now. Dates are: July 25-26, August 8-9 and August 29-30.

Transfer admission requirements

  • 36 transferable quarter credits
  • Grade of C- or better earned in the following courses:
    • College-level writing beginning with WR 121 (English Composition) or equivalent, and
    • Mathematics equivalent to MTH 105 or MTH 111 (College Algebra) or higher
  • Minimum cumulative GPA of 2.25 on transferable credits

Additional information about transfer student admission requirements

What credits does OSU-Cascades accept?

Understanding how credits transfer to OSU-Cascades

It’s not too late to start classes this fall.

Apply by September 1


Questions? Email the admissions team or call 541-322-3119.