University Exploratory Studies Program

It is very common for students to be unsure of a major at the beginning of their educational journey or change it along the way. It is at this point that students need to explore courses, careers of interest, and work on completing the OSU Baccalaureate Core. Exploratory students work with both their Academic Advisor and Career Development Center as they decide on a major. University Exploratory Studies Program (UESP) is the academic home for students who have chosen to explore their options prior to deciding on a major.

A student who is undecided on a major of study is considered Exploratory. Whether you are a First-Year student trying to clarify your path or a returning student changing career goals, exploring is the key to progressing from an Exploratory Student to a student with a major and home college. It takes work, but OSU-Cascades offers the support you need to succeed.

Exploratory Advising Guide

Exploratory Advising Guide - plan and track your exploration journey!

Helpful Resources

OSU-Cascades Academic Programs

Career Development Center

Choosing a Major Guide

OSU UESP Website

What Can I Do With My Degree

How to Explore

It is important as an Exploratory Students at OSU-Cascades that you are continuously working toward developing a plan and declaring a major that will work for you! Actively explore to determine your goals and commitments to your education. Below are suggestions on how to begin exploring:

Research Majors

  • Use resources to understand what certain majors are. Begin with OSU-Cascades list of Academic Programs (majors) and check out each program's web pages.
  • Curriculum Checklists are available for each major to understand what course you would need to take. Make sure you understand the graduation requirements for a major before you declare it.
  • Review sample academic plans for ideal majors.

Take courses to help you explore majors

  • Use list of Exploratory Courses found on the Exploratory Advising Guide.
  • Chose courses that can also be counted for Bacc Core (OSU).
  • Don't explore too long, you only need 180 credits to get a Bachelor's Degree!

Talk to professors and students already in the major you are considering

  • Ask questions about courses you will take.
  • Ask questions about careers student have gone into after graduating.
  • Plan how you would go about doing this major (is it realistic?).

Take a Career Development Course or Workshop

  • OSU-Cascades' Career Development Center offers a variety of workshops to assist students.
  • Job Shadow and interview community members in the fields you may consider working in.

Meet with your Advisor Each Term (required for Exploratory Students)

  • Your academic advisor can provide ideas and concepts regarding major/minor that would fit with your ultimate goals.
  • Checking in each term will help ensure you are on track to making this important decision.

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We're here to help! Future students can connect with an OSU-Cascades admissions advisor for admission and program questions.