Alcohol and Substance Abuse Prevention Information

Alcohol and Substance Abuse Prevention Information

Twice per year, OSU-Cascades will present an educational problem to all students regarding alcohol and drug abuse prevention. Once a quarter, OSU-Cascades will also include in its student e-newsletter an article directed at the prevention of alcohol and substance abuse. OSU-Cascades will periodically make available to students, faculty and staff other publications, videos, webinars or webcasts directed to particular topics regarding drug and alcohol abuse. OSU-Cascades provides Personal Counseling Services at (541) 322-3162 on campus by appointment. At this time with student population growing there are plans to include this topic in future student newsletters. Staff may access drug and alcohol abuse prevention and recovery services through the Employee Assistance Program at (800) 433-2320.

Community Resources

Deschutes County Mental Health (541) 322-7500

Suicide 24 hour hotline


Serenity Lane

(541) 383-0844

Best Care Treatment

(541) 617-7365

Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration

AA Meetings