Who we are:

We are a department of Oregon State University-Cascades that helps companies and nonprofits build new products and services. 

Who we work with:

We work with people in the community to grow businesses or nonprofits – no matter what stage of growth that they are in. 

Our services are available to the public.


What we do:

We work with you to launch innovative new products and services. We provide one-on-one coaching, group coaching, space, and an army of interns to help you.


Our Impact

We help our clients build and sell new, amazing things.  As a result, we create jobs, help our clients get funding, and grow the economy in Oregon. 

At the same time, we train our students with the real-world skills that they need to enter the workforce.




Launch Your Product or Service

Our staff works with you to help you turn ideas into a reality.  We can help you:

  • Launch a New Product or Service

  • Build a Mobile App 

  • Launch a website or online store

  • Form a social media marketing plan

  • Operate a business or nonprofit

  • And More!


We provide:

  • One on One coaching to help you unlock your ideas.

  • Group coaching to to help you navigate obstacles.

  • Ideation, media, and conferencing space.

  • Access to an army of interns to help you grow.

Work with Students

Co-Lab members get access to our army of interns and may work with them on projects. 

For example, students can:

  • Develop Prototypes

  • Develop Websites

  • Build Apps

  • Perform Market Research

  • Generate Sales Leads

  • Create and Run Social Media Marketing Campaigns


Learn With Others:

The Co-Lab provides workshops, peer groups, and online resources to benefit entrepreneurs, nonprofit managers, students and our community.

Participants can learn how to:

  • Pitch for funding

  • Create a startup or nonprofit

  • Build a product, service, or technology

  • Generate sales

  • And many others

Get Started with the Co-Lab

Get access to the space, resources, and coaching you need to launch your new venture.


Contact Us

If you are interested in working with the Co-Lab, please contact the Executive Director.



The Innovation Co-Lab is located at the Graduate Research Center on the second floor.