Ecampus Courses

Students taking courses online through the OSU Ecampus may need additional information to be successful in these courses. The information below is designed to help students connect to resources for Ecampus courses.

Important Information

Ecampus Course Schedule:

The Ecampus Schedule of Courses helps students find Ecampus course schedule and course details.

Ecampus Student Services:

If a student has a question regarding their Ecampus course(s) they must connect with the Ecampus Student Services. OSU-Cascades cannot help students with Ecampus course issues.

Phone: 541-737-9204

Student Services

Online Orientation:

Complete the Ecampus orientation to learn about student resources, online courses and tools to help you be successful. Not required to take an Ecampus course as a OSU-Cascades student but may be helpful. If you plan to change campus from OSU-Cascades to Ecampus you will be required to complete this orientation.

Test Proctoring:

Online courses may require tests to be proctored. OSU-Cascades does not offer test proctoring services for Ecampus courses. COCC Testing and Tutoring Center is available to proctor for a fee. Contact 541-383-7539 to set up proctoring day/time.


Ecampus courses are taught entirely through Canvas. After you register for an Ecampus course, you should login to the Canvas using your ONID username and password. 


Ecampus courses are facilitated differently than onsite OSU-Cascades courses. If you are unable to register for an Ecampus course because of a pre-requisite restriction, you will need to contact the instructor of the course for approval. Your OSU-Cascades advisor cannot approve you to take an Ecampus course. For any other registration issue, contact the Ecampus Student Services Center.   

Ecampus Tutoring:

More Information about Ecampus Tutoring