Proctoring for Students with DAS Accomodations

Providing alternative testing is a collaborative effort between Disability Access Services (DAS) and faculty. DAS provides proctoring of exams for students with documented disabilities. The proctoring service is designed to ensure that appropriate accommodations are provided and to assist the faculty in administering required examinations and quizzes. Faculty are not required to utilize DAS's services as long as the necessary accommodations are provided.

Students request alternative testing accommodations anytime after registering for classes. After the students’ requests are approved, faculty will receive a Notification of Academic Accommodations email with a link to submit an Alternative Testing Agreement. The Alternative Testing Agreement identifies all of the information that students, faculty and DAS need to know about administering testing accommodations – whether the faculty member or DAS will be proctoring the exam and providing the accommodations, where the exam will be taken, and what the exam instructions are.

Faculty are not required to submit more than one Alternative Testing Agreement per course section. DAS can copy an Alternative Testing Agreement to multiple courses or sections upon request. If an Alternative Testing Agreement is not submitted within two business days of receiving the Notification of Academic Accommodations, then students will be directed to follow up with their faculty member to discuss their accommodations.

If no Alternative Testing Agreement is submitted, the faculty member is responsible for providing all students’ testing accommodations.

After the faculty member submits an Alternative Testing Agreement, students who use DAS as their proctor must schedule their exams through OSU-Cascades DAS services. Faculty should send an email to describing the accommodation prescribed for the student. Please let staff know if the student must take the exam at the same time the class is taking it. If this is not required, the student should schedule with DAS staff ONE WEEK in advance of the test.

Proctoring for Special Situations

There are times when students request testing accommodations for special circumstances or conflicts with an exam period. It is up to the faculty member to decide whether or not to re-schedule the test, but it is expected that the faculty will accommodate these situations in his/her office and be present to proctor.

Additionally, it is possible to use the COCC Testing Center. Kellie Smith is the contact at 541-383-7536 or There is a charge per exam. Kellie does not accept tests through email.

Proctoring for OSU-Cascades students without DAS testing accommodations

Online courses may require tests to be proctored. OSU-Cascades does not offer test proctoring services for Ecampus courses. COCC Testing and Tutoring Center is available to proctor for a fee. Contact 541-383-7539 to set up proctoring day/time.

OSU E-campus also has online exam proctoring services all OSU students can access. Most proctors charge a fee, and this fee can vary based on the proctors in your area. Proctoring fees are your responsibility as the student.