Tuition and Fees

Tuition and Fee Information

OSU doesn't require students to pre-pay tuition before each term, so every student at Oregon State University has a student account, and must e-sign the "Student Financial Services Agreement" found in Student Online Services which outlines rights and responsibilities of the billing account.

Financial Aid and Scholarship money is credited directly to the student account and is used to pay tuition and qualifying charges. Any excess financial aid is refunded to the student in the form of a check or direct deposit to the student's bank account. When you finish registering, your schedule is official. This obligates you to pay all tuition and fees for your classes. OSU-Cascades students who register for COCC classes, pay COCC separately and directly.

Student Accounts

Net Price Calculators

Matriculation Fee

All new students (undergraduate and graduate) will be charged a one-time only fee of $350.00 at the start of their first term to cover the cost of pre-enrollment services. These services include, but are not limited to, campus open houses, new-student orientation programs, and special advising services for transfer and extension students.

Study Resource Fees

Study resource fees will be assessed to students in specific programs.

OSU Ecampus Course Tuition and Fees

Tuition and fees for Ecampus courses are listed in the class listing for each course. These rates are separate from the tuition and fees for all other courses. Refund rates for Ecampus courses are governed by the same refund schedule for on-site courses.

Find Ecampus undergraduate and graduate tuition and fees

Auditor's Fee

Auditor's Fee is the same as regular fees in all classes.

Non-Degree Students

For non-degree seeking students enrolled in less than 9 credits, tuition and fees are assessed at resident rates based on undergraduate or graduate course level. Enrollment in excess of 8 credits requires tuition and fees to be assessed at the same rates applied to admitted students. You are referred to the above fee payment schedule. Nonresident differential and student level (undergraduate or graduate) will be applicable. Questions are referred to the Office of Business Affairs.

Registration Cancellation and University Withdrawal

When you complete web registration you are officially registered with the university. At that time, you are obligated to pay all tuition/fees. If you wish to cancel this obligation, you must officially cancel your registration or withdraw from the university.

Billing Information

The OSU-Cascades statement is e-mailed monthly. Students are sent a bill each month around the 5th detailing all charges, credits, and payments on their account. Tuition assessments will occur bi-weekly prior to the start of the term. Beginning the first day of the term, tuition assessments will occur daily. All fees (tuition, room, board, etc.) are due in full 1st of the month, after the bill is sent.

2023-2024 Term Starts Bill Sent Bill Due
Fall September 27 October 5 November 1
Winter January 9 January 5 February 1
Spring April 3 April 5 May 1

Unpaid balances as of the first of the month are considered past due, and will be assessed interest at the rate of 1% per month (12% APR). View your account balance from the Student Online Services account information section.

Methods of Payment

OSU-Cascades accepts payment in checks, cash or credit cards. Mail a check in with your monthly statement or pay with your check routing number online at

How to Handle an Error in Billing

If there appears to be an error on your monthly statement, you may inquire directly with the Office of Business Affairs, OSU-Corvallis at (541) 737-3775, or contact the OSU-Cascades Enrollment Services Office in Tykeson Hall 106A, (541) 322-3100.

Tuition and Course Fee Refunds

Refunds are based on assessed tuition and mandatory fees, and are calculated from the date you officially withdraw or cancel your registration or reduce your class load, not the last date of class attendance. Please see Registration Cancellation and University Withdrawal procedures outlined earlier.

Refunds are automatically processed as a credit on your account. A check will be issued to you for any remaining credit balance after accounts receivable and financial aid repayments have been satisfied. Allow about two weeks for processing a refund.

Tuition/Fee Reduction and Refund Schedule

Students who drop or withdraw from a class or withdraw from the university may be eligible for a refund of tuition and mandatory fees according to the Registration Handbook. Refer to Tuition Reduction Schedule for details.

The Registration Handbook outlines those policies as established by the Oregon University System (formerly Oregon State System of Higher Education). No refunds are authorized for persons paying Staff rates.

Financial Aid and Scholarship Payment on Account

Federal financial Aid and scholarships

To receive federal financial aid through OSU-Cascades, you must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and be admitted to an OSU-Cascades. Although you may be attending classes taught by more than one institution, you can receive financial aid only from your home institution, OSU-Cascades. For financial aid purposes, only credits through OSU and COCC will be combined and counted towards your financial aid enrollment and disbursement. Credits at other institutions will not be included in your financial aid enrollment status and disbursement.

Federal financial aid and scholarships will automatically be posted to registered students' receivable accounts. Students registering later will have their aid applied the day following registration. When the applied aid creates a credit balance in excess of $1.00, a refund check will be generated and mailed to you if no direct deposit is set up already.

Emergency Loans

Emergency loans, not to exceed a total of $350.00 per term, are available to admitted degree seeking students in good financial standing, attending at least half time, and with zero balance from previous terms. Loan amounts become part of the revolving account balance, and carry interest at 1% per month (12% APR). Emergency Loans are processed through the Business Office in Corvallis. Please visit and follow the directions to request an Emergency Loan.

Optional Services

Students may subscribe for optional services such as Beaver Year Book, at the OSU-Corvallis departments providing these services. Billing for optional services is processed by the Business Affairs Office.