After you have been admitted to OSU-Cascades, you may register according to the OSU-Cascades instructions included with your letter of admission. If you have not been admitted, please visit Admissions online.

Priority Registration

OSU uses priority registration for all students. Students are assigned a registration date and time based on their class level and total earned and in-progress credits. Transfer credits are included in your earned credits, used in part to determine your priority registration time. The registration process consists of two different phases. Students may register during their assigned registration time for that phase or at a later time until the end of the phase.

  • Phase 1 allows registration in a maximum of 16 credits (undergraduate students). Waitlist is not available.
  • Phase 2 allows registration in a maximum of 19 credits (undergraduate students). Waitlist available for classes with open waitlist spots.

View Registration Date and Time

Registration status and times will be available approximately two weeks before registration begins. To view your assigned registration date and time:

Step 1: Log into Beaver Hub

Step 2: Select the Academics tab

Check Your Registration Menu Listing

Step 3: Under Academic Resources, click Check Your Registration Status.

Step 4: Select the term, click Submit

Holds: If you have a hold which prevents registration, you must first take the steps necessary to clear the hold before you can register.

PINs: Learn about registration PINs and when they are required at the Priority Registration page.

How to Register

Visit the Adding a Course page to identify the steps to register for courses. 

Waitlist Courses

If you decide to add to a waitlist be sure to take the time to review:
OSU waitlist policies and process

If you need assistance, please call (541) 322-3100 or email during business hours (M-F, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.).

Changing Course Credits

Some courses are offered with a range of possible credits. When students enroll in courses with variable credits they are automatically enrolled in the course for one credit only. Typically Internship, Practicum, Research, Projects and Independent Study are all courses students will need to select credits that are agreed on with the faculty.
Change course credits in the add/drop screen; at the bottom of the screen you will see where it says "Change Class Credits." Click that link and you can adjust your number of credits. If you need to change that number later, you may do so online during the course add period for the term. It is the responsibility of the student to alter their registration within the course add/drop period to reflect the number of credits they will be completing.

Late Registration and Changes in Registration

Refer to the Academic Calendar for the deadlines to add, drop, or audit classes, or to change the grade option to or from A-F or S/U.

Second Week Adds

With departmental approval students can enroll in courses online during the second week of the term. Inform the department of all restrictions that would prevent you from enrolling in the course (closed course, major/minor/option restriction, etc.). More information

Drop or Withdraw from a Course

Check out Drop or Withdraw from a Class page

  • Drop a course = remove course from schedule before the end of Week 1 of each term.
  • Withdraw (W grade) from a course = selecting a W grade after the Drop Class deadline.

Refer to the Academic Calendar for deadlines to Withdraw from a course each term.

To petition to withdraw from a course after the deadline complete the Petition for Late Change of Registration.

Withdraw from the Term

Beginning with the first day of the term, you may withdraw from the university for the term anytime up until the Friday of week 10 by completing the withdrawal survey. As long as you are otherwise in good standing, you are eligible to register at OSU-Cascades for the next term without reapplying to the University.

If you intend to drop all of your OSU courses in a term you will step through the process to Withdraw from the University for that term.

Auditing Courses

Audit registration may be done during the registration period for the term. Audit registration permits a student to enroll in a course for no credit and no grade. The class instructor will determine course requirements for an audited class. Those who wish to audit should contact the Enrollment Services Office in Tykeson Hall, (541) 322-3100, for registration procedures.

Registration Cancelation/Withdrawal from the University

Your act of registering constitutes your commitment to attend OSU-Cascades.

As a university student, you are both academically and financially responsible for all classes in which you register.

If you wish to cancel this commitment and reduce or eliminate tuition charges for the term, you must officially cancel your registration or withdraw from the university for the term. Failure to pay tuition or to attend classes does not constitute official withdrawal. Students who simply stop attending classes are financially liable for all charges, and may also receive grades of U, N, or F depending on departmental policy.

Prior to the first day of the term you may cancel your registration through Student Online Services or by visiting the OSU-Cascades Enrollment Services Office in Tykeson Hall.

Additional Information and Regulations

Repeated course restrictions

Most OSU courses are standard courses and are not repeatable for credit. However, some courses are eligible to be repeated for credits. These are indicated in the catalog course description. Review the Repeated Courses page for details.

GAP (General Access PIN)

A GAP is a 6-digit access number initially assigned to each student by the Enrollment Services Office. Your initial GAP is your birth date (month, day, & year). For example, if your birth date is April 3, 1982, your GAP will be 040382. Your initial birth date GAP will expire upon your first entry into the information systems. You must then choose a new GAP, other than your birth date. You also have the option to enter some additional information about yourself to use as a prompt should you forget your GAP and need to obtain a new GAP. You may also contact the OSU-Cascades Enrollment Services Office, Tykeson Hall, (541) 322-3100, if you forget your GAP.

Registration PINs

Only students seeking OSU degrees need PINs. Partner institution students do not need PINs. Registration PINs are provided by your adviser at the time of advising. Non-degree students are not required to have registration PINs.


Students with registration holds from any institution will not be permitted to register until holds are cleared. Learn more about OSU student holds here.

Time Conflicts

Web registration will not permit you to schedule two classes that meet at the same time.

Maximum Credit Loads

Undergraduates may register up to 19 credits through Web registration. Additional credits may be added. Go to Tykeson Hall, OSU-Cascades Enrollment Services Office.

Course Restrictions

Enrollment in some classes is restricted by the following designations: class, major, college, level, or departmental approval. If you do not satisfy the course restrictions, Web registration will explain the reason you did not receive the course selected. If you need assistance, please contact the OSU-Cascades Enrollment Services Office in Tykeson Hall, (541) 322-3100.

Changing Grading Options (S/U, A-F)

All classes registered by Web are given the A-F grade option as appropriate and some courses are set as Pass/No Pass grading. Students can choose to request Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory grade change by contacting their Academic Advisor. Most courses in the students major can not be S/U graded. Refer to degree requirements to consider S/U grading implications. The deadline for to change your grading status is the end of the Week 7 of the term 12:00 p.m.

Lectures/Labs/Recitations (Multi-Part Courses)

If a class is "linked" to a noncredit lab or recitation, you must register for all parts of the class. Web registration will not permit you to register for one part without the other. Likewise, you may not drop one part of a "linked" class; if you do so, the other part will be dropped automatically. If you want to make a change of one part to a multi-part class, you should drop that part and add the new part at the same time before processing your requested changes. Be sure to process the request after specifying the drop and the add.

Classification Standing

Total Credits Class
1-44 Freshman
45-89 Sophomore
90-134 Junior
135 or more Senior


Some classes are designated with the following student levels:

  • 1 = Undergraduate students
  • 2 = Graduate students
  • 3 = Post-Baccalaureate students
  • 4 = Non-Degree/Post-Baccalaureate Credential students
  • 5 = Professional students

Access for Students with Disabilities

Students with permanent or temporary disabilities who need assistance or accommodation should contact the OSU-Cascades Disability Access Services.