The COCC transfer guides provided here are intended to be used with the academic checklist for your major. The academic checklists are found at the academic program websites. All information is subject to change. Students who have not been admitted to OSU will be subject to changes in curriculum until they are admitted and have declared their OSU major.

OSU Baccalaureate Core COCC Transfer Guide

OSU Baccalaureate Core

OSU-Cascades Major COCC Transfer Guides

American Studies


Arts, Media and Technology


Business Administration

Computer Science

Energy Systems Engineering

Elementary Education

Hospitality Management

Human Development and Family Sciences


Liberal Studies

Social Science


Natural Resources

  • Natural Resources - NR3 (For students admitted in summer 2018 and later or those who elected to revise their catalog year to 2018-19)
  • Natural Resources - NR2 (For students admitted prior to summer 2018 unless you elected to change your catalog year to NRv3.0)

Tourism, Recreation and Adventure Leadership