EcoWellness Lab

The EcoWellness Lab at OSU-Cascades

The EcoWellness Lab focuses on connection with non-human nature and how an intentional and contextual affiliation might be integrated effectively into helping and educational settings. Our goal is to contribute to research and practice that positively impacts our species’ long-term connection with issues related to global sustainability to ensure the longevity of our species and planet for generations to come.

What do we do?

The EcoWellness Lab is guided by the overarching research question of: “How does intentional contact with nature impact indicators of health and wellbeing?”

The lab’s primary emphasis areas include:

  1. EcoWellness Construct and Assessment Development
  2. Clinical Application, including
    • Applying EcoWellness in clinical settings
    • Applying EcoWellness in educational settings and
    • Technological nature