Early Childhood Option Program Description

Early Childhood Option

In the human development and family sciences degree program, you’ll address human development across the lifespan and gain the knowledge and skills you need to help improve the human condition. This may include intervening during crises, preventing future crises, helping people access resources, and advocating for changes in the systems that affect the lives of those in need. In the early childhood option, you can also focus on supporting young children and their families in early childhood settings.

Career Opportunities

The early childhood option prepares students to promote lifelong development, learning, and wellbeing of children and families. Through a focus on the early childhood period from prenatal through age 8 years, students examine dynamics among children, families, schools, communities, and cultures that have lasting impacts throughout life. Practicum and internship experiences prepare students to work directly with children and families in preschools, Head Start programs, child care, early intervention/early childhood special education, or parent and family support. Graduates also create and implement prevention and intervention programs, and pursue graduate study in fields such as education, special education, counseling, human development and family science, psychology, sociology, and social work.