Human Development and Family Sciences

Be part of a rewarding career that empowers individuals, families and communities to survive and thrive.


"My internship gave me insight into how local government helps its community members. It confirmed my interest — actually my passion — for working with children and adults in need."

Melissa Danzuka
Internship: Deschutes County Behavioral Health, Warm Springs

About the Human Development and Family Sciences Degree

Earn a bachelor of science degree in human development and family sciences. The HDFS program examines human development within the context of families, schools, work, communities and other social-cultural environments. Recognizing the diversity and challenges of contemporary life, our faculty and students study how environments can enhance — or limit — individual and family development from early childhood through the end of life.

The human development and family sciences program offers three options: early childhood, general, and human services. The program also offers a minor in early childhood development and education, and a minor in human development and family sciences.

Few careers offer as many opportunities to directly and profoundly impact lives. With an HDFS degree, you’ll be ready for professional work or graduate study in fields such as education, HDFS, social work or public administration.

Connecting Families


OSU-Cascades alumna Jessica Mose works to connect foster children with extended family members. When a child finds a family member they can gain a sense of identity and belonging. Jessica is out there, seeking the one caring adult who will support a kid through life – and she's making a lasting impact on Central Oregon children.

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Sample Course Offerings


Contemporary Families in the U.S.
Human Sexuality
Infant and Child Development
Families and Poverty
General Psychology
Adolescent Development
Applied Research Methods
Family Violence and Neglect
Introduction to Sociology
Principles of Statistics
Adult Development and Aging
Technical Writing

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Where do HDFS grads work?